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Tech Events with a Twist: PentaBAR, the Place Where Learning and Beer Go Hand in Hand

Dan Avram
Dan Avram
Head of Capacity and Talent Marketing Operations

Whether it’s education, social or health related causes, giving back is part of our DNA. We’re always ready to support local communities and help people pursue careers in tech.

PentaBAR is our most popular tech event brand, founded in Brasov, and now active in several Pentalog agencies. It’s a platform for geeks to share their knowledge with the IT community and an opportunity for professional development in a friendly environment.

PentaBAR - tech events - pentalog

Before and after presentations, PentaBAR guests enjoy lively conversations and colorful sunsets.

The Creation of a New Meetup Brand

We wanted to take the Pentalog brand to the next level by sharing our knowledge with others. So, we began hosting regular meet-ups at our Brasov location on technical and non-technical topics with employees and clients as our speakers. The local IT community gathered at the first PentaBAR event on May 18, 2016, in Brasov.

I remember that day so well (despite the beers! ?). Bogdan, a former PentaGuy, gave a presentation related to Java to a group mostly of colleagues and friends. That day, we began something we’d envisioned for so long and were determined to continue, all while maintaining a professional standard.


Follow your dreams & work an amazing project!



Quite a Range of PentaTopics & PentaSpeakers

We’ve tackled a wide variety of technical topics, including back-end, front-end, AI, VR, Java, Agile, GDPR, security, Blockchain, Neuronal Networks, DevOps, Big Data, Growth Hacking, Quantum Computing, and tech trends. We’ve also discussed non-technical topics like volunteering, education, public speaking, and conflict management.

Personally, I prefer a mix of technical and non-technical topics, and our community agrees. That’s why we want to keep a majority of technical and IT-related subjects on our PentaBAR agenda but will also continue to discuss non-technical topics.

All of our events are unique, and each and every speaker brings something of value. There’s one PentaBAR experience I would really like to revisit, though: the one hosted by our CEO, Frédéric Lasnier.

growth hacking - pentabar - tech events

Frédéric Lasnier, Pentalog’s CEO, discusses Growth Hacking during one of our most thought-provoking PentaBAR events in Brasov.

I also fondly remember listening to my colleagues give compelling presentations, especially the ones motivated to engage in public speaking for the first time. That’s a big part of PentaBAR: supporting your peers and challenging them to grow professionally.

If You Build It, They Will Come!

Three years later, PentaBAR has become an international brand:

  • 150+ PentaBAR events hosted worldwide: Brasov’s agency recently celebrated their 50th tech event, Cluj hosted 16 PentaBAR events, Bucharest held 10 PentaFoisor events (a clever spin-off), Iasi proudly hosted over 30 PentaBARs, Chisinau, Vietnam, and Mexico is preparing to launch
  • Meetup community of 3,000+ members and growing
  • Local and international speakers, current and former employees, clients, and specialists in their fields


We’re always on the lookout for the best speakers to share valuable knowledge.
Join our IT community!


PentaBAR Tech Events: Where to?

PentaBAR has a laid back and familiar vibe. It’s a gathering place for IT enthusiasts of all backgrounds, who enjoy geek culture and stimulating conversations. We also strive to maintain the same relaxed, socializing atmosphere between our colleagues and guests from the tech community.

We created PentaBAR to revive the IT community through information exchange and networking.

Soon we plan to organize a series of recurring conferences, which will span several hours or an entire day, maybe as a celebration of our PentaBAR anniversaries. We’ll host multiple workshops and more renowned speakers, creating an event to mark our annual contribution to the community.

We strongly believe that the natural evolution of our internal culture is to pass on knowledge. This is why we always encourage our PentaGuys and PentaGirls to demonstrate their teaching skills, whether through internship programs or educating future generations. Volunteering is even more rewarding when you mix business with pleasure, so we’ll continue that as well!

On a personal level, I also see myself transitioning from an organizer and facilitator into the role of speaker. I already have a topic in mind that I’m passionate about!

Become part of our community of highly engaged speakers!

What’s in it for you?

  • Leave your mark on the local IT community
  • Present to a highly skilled audience
  • Exercise your public speaking skills
  • Receive feedback and helpful pointers
  • Be congratulated for your endeavors


If you have a topic that’s worth exploring, contact us, and tell your friends. The IT community will appreciate your contribution!

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