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Connecting the dots to innovation Smart City Chisinau Hackathon

Elena Mutruc
Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

Smart cities are a great buzz word to toss around, certainly. But how about taking a closer look at how smart cities can become less of a buzz word and more of a project that is feasible and can actually be implemented. The whole idea of building a smart city is to improve the quality of life by using technology in order to make community services more efficient and closer to the residents’ needs. And if you were to add, say, a hackathon to the combination then you’ve got yourself a sure pathway to crowd-sourcing solutions to some of the problems present in a certain urban area.This is basically what it all boils down to in Chisinau and the upcoming Smart City Hackathon! This July (22nd to 24th) tech enthusiasts and active members of the community, alike, are invited to partake in transforming the city through the creation and implementation of innovative solutions. This event is organized by the National Association of IT&C Companies and Tekwill and Pentalog is proud to be the gold partner in this endeavor to make Chisinau a more pleasant place to live and work in.Aside from the fact that one of our offices is located in this city and the well-fare of our colleagues here is important, we’ve chosen to get involved in this event because we’re avid believers in the fantastic improvements tech can bring to the community. We stay true to our CSR values and get involved whenever we get the chance to make a difference. You can meet us there, live and work with us during Smart City via the 6 mentors from Pentalog who will be present here.The event is open for, but not limited to: programmers, design specialists, project management, marketing and administration. Projects can be submitted to the following categories: smart and integrated transportation, smart parking, smart energy, smart health care, smart security and smart environment. In case you’re asking yourself what do you, personally gain out of participating, we’ve talked about the benefits a hackathon brings you, here.

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