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Casablanca: The NEW place for Dev!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Casablanca delivery center

Just back from Casablanca, where I had the pleasure of spending a week inaugurating our new production center!

Here’s a (non-exhaustive!) inventory of things that I brought back with me:

  • A healthy dose of vitamin A
  • Some great encounters with the Moroccan tech community
  • A better knowledge of the IT market in Morocco

This trip confirmed us in our decision, but it especially gave us a huge shot of optimism for the future.

  • A new nearshore country for our European customers.
  • New talents ready to join the Pentalog galaxy.
  • New rates to help companies find the right skill at the right price.

So why did we choose Morocco? What is the profile of the Moroccan tech community? How do their prices compare with other nearshore countries?

Come with me on a journey that has only just begun.

New country

Monday, April 3, I leave Paris and its weak spring to find Casablanca, which dazzles me as soon as I arrive on the tarmac.

Less than 3 hours’ flight time – and only 1 or 2 hours’ time difference – from Paris, London, Berlin, Geneva, Amsterdam…

These factors of geographical proximity and reduced time differences are undeniable assets for companies that do not wish to disrupt their internal organization.

From the US, flight times are longer, but Morocco shares half its working day with New York or Boston; when the Americans start working, the Moroccans still have 4 or 5 hours to go.

Companies based on the West coast can take advantage of the time zone difference, because the internal team and the external team in Morocco can work on the same project in shifts. This leads to faster project completion and increased productivity.

Morocco delivery center

Walking + sea air + a view of the Hassan-II mosque = a perfect combination to start the day off right!

New talents

Of course, what creates the wealth of a country is its people.

Accompanied by Miruna, Sebastian, Teodora, our three Talent Sourcing and Agility experts straight from Romania (who braved a snowstorm to get here!) and Selma, our new Talent Acquisition Manager in Morocco, I met many candidates who wanted to join the Pentalog galaxy.

Our exchanges focused on their needs, on their expectations and ours, as well as on the corporate culture.

As for their technical skills, their expertise is beyond doubt.

We have been connecting Moroccan freelance developers with companies for a year now. The renewal of their contracts is eloquent testimony to the satisfaction they give.

It should be pointed out that Morocco can boast of offering more and more excellent training for developers.

Start with the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), which has partnered with the Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center to train future developers and accelerate cybersecurity research.

Then there’s Ecole 1337 – a partner institute of the France-based 42 School initiative of private, nonprofit, tuition-free computer science remote schools. The quality of the courses from Ecole 1337 was recognized during an online coding competition organized by CodinGame; with more than 18,200 registrants. Ecole 1337 came 1st on the African continent, and 5th in the world.

The icing on the cake? In addition to the technical know-how of Moroccan developers is added an excellent command of English.

Our production center in Casablanca is growing daily and already has a dozen full-time employees.

Among them developers in .NET, React and Python, VB6 experts helping to ensure the maintenance of existing solutions, DevOps, AI and Cloud specialists and Talent Acquisition Managers who are growing the Pentalog tech community in Morocco!

When we learn that the Moroccan tech community is showing the strongest growth on the African continent (+6% compared to 3.8% according to an Accenture report for Google), we can only be enthusiastic and optimistic about recruitments to come!

Our objective? Welcome 50 Moroccan tech experts by the end of the year!

Morocco Delivery Center

From left to right: Miruna, Sophie, Selma, Sebastian and Teodora. Their mission: to create synergy between Pentalog and the Moroccan tech community!

New rates

More than ever in this tense economic context, we want to support companies in their digital projects that add to their activity and create new business opportunities.

Opening a production center in Morocco allows us to reduce staffing times a little more and to offer more niche skills while remaining at very competitive prices.

On average, IT outsourcing is 20% cheaper in Morocco than Eastern European countries such as Romania and Moldova, whose prices are already 20% lower than Western European countries.

External corporations can also rely on a number of financial aids provided by the Moroccan government.

As always, we adapt the production capacities according to the evolution of the project in order to manage the technical resources and the budget in a reasoned way.


The same rigor in evaluating candidates, thanks to our evaluation algorithm.

The same collaboration tools, including the Collaboration Framework and the Maturity Model to provide visibility on the project.

The same flexibility in contracts to help you get the most out of our digital solutions.

To develop a new production center on solid foundations and ensure that integrations run smoothly, some of our best specialists have chosen to settle in Casablanca.

With many years of experience, they have already accompanied the opening of our various production centers spread across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Friday April 7, back in France.

The palm trees have given way to buildings, and even if the Loire region doesn’t have much of a salt tang in the air, it does have some lovely views…

Thank you to the Moroccan tech community, who enchanted me with their curiosity, open-mindedness, humility, and professionalism.

Would you be interested in discovering Moroccan tech excellence? Let’s make an appointment to talk about your project!


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