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Pentalog Bucharest Turns 18 with a Swank New Office Location

Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager

Just in time for Pentalog’s Bucharest 18-year anniversary, we’ve opened our first office designed for hybrid work.

The swank new workspace features creative desk layout and breakout areas, to promote collaboration and flexibility. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Bucharest new office

Pentalog‘s first hybrid office environment in Bucharest is the perfect place to meet up.

At 18, We Moved into a New Home

This is a central Bucharest location – Pitar Mos Street no 6 – close to Romana Square and University Square, the metro plus chic restaurants! The perfect place to meet up!

To get an idea, the Old Centre, the heart of Bucharest is only a 15-minute walk from the office. And Henry Coanda international airport is only a 30 to 45-minute drive away.

Our new office space is cozy, spacious, and has a lot of natural light. We have everything we need: hot-desking zones, social areas, and meeting rooms designed for videoconferencing, even a kitchen.

Since we have moved here, meetings with the HR team take place in the lounge area, because there’s room for all of us (we’re a big and happy team!), whether it’s the couch, the armchair, or the rocking chair. And the terrace is just a few steps away.


PentaHumans celebrating the opening of our first hybrid office space in Bucharest.

At 18, We Choose Freedom

Kids who turn 18 don’t become adults overnight. They embark on a journey long before to learn and practice responsibility every day.

Since 2021, Pentalog has been embracing a flexible way of working. We became a remote-first company and empowered our colleagues to decide for themselves how they want to work to achieve work-life balance and be happy.

Just like adults, we trust PentaHumans to take good care of our projects and clients wherever they are. All our employees have the freedom to choose to work fully remote, hybrid, or from the office. We respect their decisions and support them in any way we can.

In time, our approach to flexibility has brought exceptional results. Now, when Pentalog Bucharest has turned 18, it’s a good time to make hybrid work official for good. Because we have tested it and we know it works.

Think Pentalog’s flexibility is a match for your next role?


After more than two years of the pandemic, many of us want to reconnect with colleagues and friends in person. Our new office in Bucharest is an alternative for those needing a space for collaboration and dynamic work.

It’s the place where we welcome good old-fashioned laughter while having a coffee with colleagues. Jokes are more fun when you’re part of a happy crowd.

At 18, We Are Bold

With an inviting co-working space and a team of talents for unicorn projects that keeps expanding, Pentalog Bucharest moves into a new era where we focus on growth with meaning.

Growth with meaning

Growth with meaning: Pentalog becomes more and more part of creating global solutions.

Our company aspires to be 100% Positive Tech Impact by 2025. We want to be a responsible technology company, for ourselves and for our customers, and our commitment to this vision is based on ESG principles (Environment, Sustainability and Governance).

In fact, Frederic Lasnier, Pentalog’s CEO, Cyrille de Lasteyrie, VP of Culture, and Loic Finaz, Strategic Advisor, have joined us at the launching event of the new office in Bucharest to discuss our mission.

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