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On May 17, SkillValue and Pentalog services merge, hacking the formula for excellence.

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

This is the creation of a global offering in “Recruitment + Freelancing + Outsourcing” – unique on the market. Through a complete, integrated offer, companies will now be able to form mixed teams and accelerate their staffing.

A merger that boosts the growth of our clients’ activities!

In Pentalog’s view, two key success factors are essential to the growth of digital projects: 1) immediate operational excellence, and 2) the ability to work remotely. By adding SkillValue freelancing to its range of services, Pentalog validates the definitive lesson behind the COVID experience: it is strategic and critical to have resources, locally or in “nearshore everywhere”, in all time zones, useful for continuous growth objectives.

By giving one voice to the full spectrum of top talent integration possibilities, we solve the challenges faced both by our clients and by the consulting giants who can no longer find resources organically.

Two paths to growth!

Pentalog now offers the two fully remote digital propositions that are indispensable for guaranteeing the growth of digital activities. On the one hand, the tech elite to build the best teams. On the other hand, the tech elite to make the best digital products. Pentalog thus reinforces its vision: offering a true international platform of network collaboration – adaptable, multi-service, everywhere around the world, and in real time!

Impressive numbers that validate the rise of freelancing

Created a few years ago by several members of the group, Pentalog’s HR platform SkillValue was historically designed to become the European platform for the technical assessment of IT skills. Mission accomplished! Today 600,000 engineers worldwide have taken these tests and 260,000 of them want to remain in the SkillValue community to join the global tech elite! About 1,000 customers around the world use this solution – something to induce vertigo in HR departments around the world.

SkillValue Freelancers: access the top 5% of the best developers in the world!

Of the 260,000 community members, 40,000 have been tested and evaluated as Elite Tech freelancers. To be proposed to a SkillValue customer, a freelancer must belong at least to the category of ‘the best 5%’. But customers are also free to demand the Top 3%, or even the Top 1%. Through the SkillValue benchmark tests, we are moving away from assessment by seniority, and enhancing assessment by skills. The same selection process is used to recruit Pentalog engineers.

Win-win collaborations between companies and freelancers!

On the client side, the consequence is that when they go through SkillValue, they can never go wrong. The level of precision in selection lets us work in safe mode! On the freelancer side, the consequence is that they get access to demanding clients, offering projects far above average in terms of challenge, learning, and interest.

Who works with SkillValue?

SkillValue has established strong collaborations with companies like Auchan, a major traded French player, as well as with mid-sized companies like Algeco and start-ups like ManoMano, NEOBRAIN, Heetch, Lengow and Sellsy. These prestigious enterprises now join the Innovation, Tech and Marketing clients of the Pentalog group, including adidas (HQ), Gopuff in Boston, the unicorns SumUp and Bitpanda, MADE.com in the UK, the Italian bank UniCredit, the Fortune 100 Honeywell for its IoT product needs…

Companies around the world will now be able to collaborate with SkillValuebyPentalog freelancers, with access to all of the Group’s resources.

We are extremely proud to integrate this transformative start-up into the group! Thanks to Eric Gouin, Aurelia Tudor, Andra Avram! Thank you, Alexandre Vallin, already the new General Manager for a few months. Thanks to Marius Istrate, former CEO, Raluca Otelea, founder; and thank you to the 1,200 Pentaguys who provided their support and contributed to this success!

Want to learn more about the range of services powered by Pentalog and SkillValue?

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