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Bonuses: team spirit and collective performance at the heart of the new system

Aleth Delcenserie
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer
(Founding Partner)

Pentalog has finally decided to completely shift towards new criteria for measuring its employees’ performance. This change came as a double response: on the one hand, to the legitimate expectations of the Group’s employees themselves who had requested a real management tool, aligned with the objectives of their projects; on the other hand, to the management request to reward only the real performance and ensure top quality and profitability levels.

In early 2009 we started applying the ISO standards and deploying best practices at all group levels. At that moment we focused on encouraging our employees to simply apply the same rules and standards in all our delivery centers. But times have changed and now, in 2013, we realized that the old bonus system had become obsolete. It seemed no more than an Orwellien “Big Brother” tool, where each employee would receive by default a bonus only for complying with the standards! As the rules were long known and applied, the time had come to reach a higher level: reward the real performances at their fair value, i.e. the ones commended by our clients and the economic performance of the projects they entrust us with.

In order to do so, our new system, born as a result of the cooperation between different Pentaloguien contributors, covering all the Group’s job positions and delivery centers, relies on two complementary components:

  • a (monthly) individual and project performance bonus  that rewards on a first level  the individual performance of the employee’s activities, and on a second level the collective result, corresponding to the effectiveness of the employee’s team
  • a (biannual and proportional to our revenues) collective bonus which, in case the Pentalog’s financial objectives are globally attained, completes our employees’ revenues depending on their contribution (Premium, Standard or Contributor) to the achievement of this result. As the Premium bonus is 6.25 times higher than the Contributor bonus, this should determine our employees strive to reach the top of the podium!

This new system gives everyone the opportunity to be rewarded. However, the major difference from the old system is that the evaluation starts from zero and consequently, the ordinary (common, standard) work is no longer rewarded. Instead, the achievement of the objectives set at all levels – individual, project/activity, company – will be the prevailing feature.

We may say that this new system is a real individual and collective performance management tool for the project managers, the delivery center managers and the internal services representatives. It has also been designed to encourage the sound management of each employee’s objectives, according to his or her intrinsic capabilities and career perspectives. At the same time, we intend to constantly improve our team performance to better meet our clients’ needs and thus help our company grow.

For instance, a person who is excellent individually, but whose project team, delivery center/service does not achieve the desired results, will not be eligible for the highest bonus level. The same rule applies to an employee whose results prove to be insufficient on the long run due to the lack of a sound management – the entire team could be affected. As responsible individuals, we consider that we are more than interested to quickly get the inefficient employees back on the right track.

As you can see, team spirit and collective performance are now more than ever at the heart of this new system!

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