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Bucharest, at the junction of the local market and offshore!

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

ZF (Ziarul Financiar), the Romanian peer of Financial Times or les Echos, asked me a couple of days ago about the strategy of the Pentalog branches in Romania and Moldavia See the article (in Romanian): In outsourcing e riscant sa pariezi 100% pe BucurestiI had already tackled this topic in a previous article, explaining why our strategy for Bucharest has such a powerful local approach. Bucharest cannot be an offshore development centre anymore. That is understood if my peers started two years ago to shift to the province, in order to preserve their competitiveness.It is true that nowadays the two main activities for Bucharest are:

  • local market services that are provided in a traditional manner, of technical assistance, just like in Paris, London or other European capital,
  • international consultancy activities.

One must not overlook the fact that the Romanian province does not have enough local companies, able to generate an enough IT services demand and that they must fully take advantage of offshore/nearshore IT. And that Bucharest, because of the way too high costs, still is of interest for the local needs.

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