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Getting in touch with the Berlin startup scene


Berlin_Pentalog_startupsPentalog Group CEO @FredLasnier together with Pentalabbs CEO @EricGouin will be visiting Berlin in January to meet the local digital startup ecosystem.Pentalog has been delivering IT services to over 100 digital start-ups and grown-ups across Europe and North America so far and has experienced rapid expansion on its own, fostering a growth mindset and entrepreneurship spirit among employees and partners. So, targeting startups is  a logical business development strategy fully matching the company’s vision. And Germany is a very important business partner for the group (accounting for 20% of global sales), the country enjoying a brilliant track-record in creating and growing top-of-the-edge businesses in e-commerce, e-health, software, digital services and many more.Pentalog is therefore planning to establish direct presence in Berlin, at the very heart of Germany’s young tech community. A Penta-guy will be based there full-time and will need to rely on a local partner with lots of connections and deep knowledge of the German digital startup industry.What do we have to offer?We want to help young businesses that recently raised funding to make the most out of this money in order to launch their product or solution as soon as possible. Time-to-market is vital and technology as well as marketing resources are expensive. Pentalog brings them from one hand the fast ramp-up capabilities, technical support and business expertise they need to achieve fast development and ensure ROI. We want to be a dedicated growth partner to them and turn their ideas into fast-growing businesses with international reach.Fred and Eric are eager to visit startup incubators, meet investors and entrepreneurs, and find the right partner to enable new fruitful collaborations. If you are a Berlin startup scene insider interested in working with a leading international IT engineering group, get in touch ASAP! @FredLasnier, @EricGouinLearn more about how Pentalabbs can contribute to startups’ success:- IT for equity: outsourced IT engineering (POCs, prototyping, development, testing, etc.)- Modalities for equity: digital marketing. Check out some Pentalog startup success stories: Otosense, Made, Sharalike, Sensee, Easyflyer.

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