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How the GDPR Earned Us Millions of Euros

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The advent of the GDPR in France, Germany and even the UK has helped Pentalog Software Factory win a number of contracts over the past few months!

How, you ask?


The GDPR has certainly changed how data is managed. We supply auditing and consulting services to keep your data secure. Contact us to learn more!

Escaping the Data Trap

Naturally, like everyone else, we have billed for our auditing and consulting services, but it’s another, less expected thing that really netted us the big bucks: the repatriation of contracts set up in India, Madagascar and Russia – back to the EU.

We didn’t anticipate this, but some of our clients have recently found themselves trapped by contracts drawn up outside the EU creating problems for their data. That includes the likes of some very large brands, frightened by the thought of out-of-bounds data breaches, as well as some financial and banking services who were even more categorical in their refusal to run the risk of their digital policies being called into question.

Getting Back to Basics

People who weren’t even our clients came to us to take advantage of our European presence policy, namely our development sites in Romania, French consulting teams and data centers – especially certain German companies who previously sourced their services from Ukraine and Russia.

In all, we saw several million contracts or letters of intent come back to the EU – and I imagine this was the case for others, too. Strictly from an economic point of view? The GDPR is doing its job.

Thinking about it more broadly, however – I would be curious to know about the overall experience of GDPR’s first six months.

How has it changed the lives of European businesses and citizens?

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