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Edtech, legtech, healthtech, fintech: How Pentalog has become a lean massive disruption force

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog currently counts 23 clients operating in these new economy sectors, from the US, UK, Switzerland to Sweden and France. Some of them have registered a stunning success, such as the Socrative student app, with 25 million downloads. Other game changers like Visiomed are already famous due to their medical apps and smart devices sold worldwide. Among them are also real estate managers having digitized hundreds of millions of m2. 150 of our Pentaguys are working for these sectors.

In most cases, we are involved in the product’s entire or almost entire lifecycle. Our Pentalog Growth Factory teams design and sell the product, while our Pentalog Software Factory teams develop, support, maintain and build it or manage the cloud.


Edtech, legtech, healthtech, fintech: the Pentalog lean culture touches most of the world’s new economy sectors.

What is very striking is that our combined expertise allows our startup clients to skip making massive functional implementations themselves. Instead, they can reach very fast an industrial quality and cost which boost their commercial deployment.

Pentalog’s teams of digital strategists and consultants as well as its software engineers not only allow us to benefit from great growth hacking consulting advice made in New York or Paris but also from a technology speed that no other company could achieve on its own… Our double US/European DNA equally allows our clients to meet sensitive needs such as launching a product on the British market, which we are expert in. As a matter of fact, in 2017 we have registered 25% of our sales in the UK and US, 10% in Germany and 15% in Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Singapore…

Sharing a lean culture

Relying on a sales team of 7 persons, all business lines included, backed by a sound data approach and continuous technical investments, the Group shares all lean startup learned lessons with its clients. Our sales people register an average of €6M annually in 14 countries, from New York to Paris and Frankfurt. These figures allow us to have administrative and marketing costs lower than those of our competitors, make the highest-quality technical deliveries and talk to our clients from an equal standpoint. Just like them, we have also gone global and we are a platform… of services.

I’m firmly convinced that the real sharing of strategic elements between the one who creates and sells products and the one who sells and offers services is very rare and that our success and identification with these new sectors largely comes from this cultural sharing.

If you are interested in our services, contact us to get more information!

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