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Low Cost IT Outsourcing in Moldova, Mexico, and Vietnam: Pentalog Ramps Up its Teams to Tackle the Coming Crisis

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog is not waiting for the crisis to take action. Thanks to our data, we can see clearly that the 2009 scenario is likely to repeat itself. Our prospects online are showing a growing interest in our nearshore and offshore low-cost IT outsourcing locations with the most competitive prices, starting with the least expensive:

  • Vietnam
  • Moldova & Mexico
  • Province Romania
  • Bucharest

The two last areas are members of the EU and therefore likely qualify for R&D tax credit.

IT outsourcing

Nearshore and offshore low-cost IT outsourcing is a solution to a lack of IT skills and can help mitigate the effects of the financial crisis. Contact us for more information!

Recruitment – Our best offers are getting better.

More recently, we have been experiencing a surge of demand concerning our Delivery Centers in Moldova (main customers from Germany, the UK and USA), and Mexico (mainly from USA).

In response to these demands, we will be boosting recruitment in these areas and promoting them to emphasize our recruitment efforts. Overall, this will allow us to help our customers in strategic decision making.

A 5% discount on our price list will be applied to these areas. In other words, our most competitive offers are getting even more competitive!

Low cost IT outsourcing – A bet for the Future?

We cannot predict with 100% accuracy, what financial difficulties tomorrow will bring. However, those who wish to prepare for the upcoming change can collaborate with a reliable partner in IT solutions and digital product development. We are ready for you.

In 2019, Pentalog Software Factory plans to deliver 300 digital products to our customers.

Let’s meet and talk about it!

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