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Meeting the Hanoi students


The members of the Hanoi incubator took advantage of my presence by requesting me to organize workshops in two universities. This was done as part of an incubator duty which consists in carrying out proximity missions for the different education specializations from where our employees are recruited. We have had a long-standing conviction that a good relationship between universities and companies is a positive factor that ensures mutual alignment. This adds value to the education and enables to identify the company which shares these pragmatic expectations. The relation between students and companies is therefore established before the former penetrate the job market. This is a relationship that benefits all parties.I therefore went to the headquarters of PFIEV (engineers of excellence training programme in Vietnam) last Tuesday. We have already mentioned the programme several times on this blog (The 10th Anniversary of PFIEV). The workshop consisted in organizing job interview simulations for 8 students in their 5th year of studies, based on standard adds that we had prepared.PFIEV-300x225Like in classic interviews, I met people who were impressed (even though we were on their premises). The greatest difficulty was to cross the language barrier, as the simulation was carried out in French. Of course, those who were the most prepared for making a personal presentation for the position they had chosen did the best job. They had to prove that they possessed the best qualities for meeting the expectations of the job and that they had the potential to make progress within the company. Not all students found their words, but some of them managed well.This Thursday we organized a workshop in another institution that we have regular contacts with: IFI (French IT institute).IFI_01-225x300IFI_O2-300x225I presented Pentalog with the client presentation support (it is the same Pentalog) in front of approximately 30 master students. This workshop was aimed at informing these students of our capacities for receiving trainees on innovative and stimulative subjects in our Orléans, Brasov or Hanoi office. Internship-related questions were to the point; one can feel the appeal of an enriching internship. In my answers to their questions, I also explained to them that we are demanding towards our trainees so that this experience is both interesting and instructive as regards their work capacities.In this type of relations, no one has to lose. Companies need to keep in touch with students for their internships and to help them start a career. It is in the students’ best interest to remain close to companies for an easier integration. As for teachers, by maintaining these contacts, they ensure the relationship, continuity and responsiveness towards industry players with a view to adjusting their curriculum.I confirm to all these students that we have several internship positions available in our Orléans (France), Brasov (Romania) and Hanoi offices (which are rather addressed to the French residing in Hanoi who wish to extend their Vietnamese adventure). The more interesting the location and subject, the higher the requirements in terms of communication skills, motivation, abilities. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us (jobs.han@pentalog.fr).

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