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Pentalog Plans To Be a Billion-Dollar-Company

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

It is with great pride and excitement that I share my fellow colleagues’ decision to move forward with plans to prepare an important financial package worth several tens of millions of dollars.

pentalog growth - 2019

Things are Already Looking Promising in 2019

This year is proving to be truly inspirational. We have achieved an organic annual growth of over 25%, and the year is not over yet. Our new freelancing service is growing fast and our company is starting to reap the full benefits of our cross-selling strategy. All our clients and prospects are continuously retargeted for all our services (outsourcing, freelancing and recruiting) and it’s paying off. Our sales team is generating over €7 million a person in turnover – without even breaking a sweat!

Sales outside of France are growing rapidly while the US and Canada make up 15% of our 2019 sales! Meanwhile, 15% of our sales are coming from German-speaking countries and 10% from our newest market – the UK! That’s 45% for France, and 15% for the rest of the world.

Day after day we see our potential grow along with the accuracy of our strategy. This is capped off by double-digit growth.

Annual cumulated growth in revenue for our entire portfolio of customers stands at 19%. The market for SaaS is growing by 20% and is worth around €100 billion; growth for PaaS (Platform as a Service) is nearly 20% as well and the market is valued at €200 billion. Meanwhile, e-commerce is growing by 19%. The only challenge is gaining a foothold in these crowded markets. Generally speaking, this is very expensive. So, growth is concentrated in the hands of GAFA, a few leaders and well-funded start-ups. But, we found a way to do it cheaper than our competitors.

No Slowdown for Start-ups

At a time when rumors are circulating about a new recession, funding for start-ups remains highly substantial. New records are likely to be set in 2019 and the reason is simple. The world may be slowing down, but digital is speeding up. Better yet, only start-ups are trusted to capture future growth, leading to a feeding frenzy among investors who are always hunting for a place to put their cash.

In theory, there is no reason for this to slow up any time soon. The world is not generating enough productivity to accelerate growth and absorb ready money from central banks – except in the digital sphere. Our sector seems to be immune. There are 1,200 of us working full-time to deliver orders to the digital leaders we call clients. A year ago, there weren’t even 1,000 of us.

I don’t know of any other similarly sized businesses in our sector anywhere in the world who have sustained 20% internal growth for four consecutive years without having to inject external funds.

What to Do with Our Millions?

We plan to strengthen our marketing team and make our web platforms rival the best players in the world, such as Upwork or even LinkedIn. Even our competitors in various areas such as consulting, outsourcing, agencies, and digital solutions business didn’t bet on this sector’s disruption.

I have no clue who will be right, but I find it strange to claim to sell digitalization when you don’t believe in it yourself. In Europe, we might be the pure player leader in digital product design and implementation.

We aim for digital excellence and we are enhancing our client acquisition skills.

Specialists in SEO, content and SEA – junior salespeople and copywriters should take note – we’re looking for you! We want to double our sales and marketing teams in Orléans, Paris and New York.

The sales figures I just quoted go to show that we are disrupting the consulting, outsourcing and recruiting markets. To make this happen we studied and incorporated all the key digital economy trends into our business model:

  • Remote work
  • 100% agility
  • Community building
  • Freelancing (local and remote)
  • Nearshore/offshore
  • Hyper-Expertise

“We aim to protect our clients against resource droughts and the associated security risks – so that they too, can become leaders.”

We will have to do a lot of hiring to meet the enormous demand of our clients.

Even today, our existing clients are consistently asking for 20 more people. A lack of digital skills holds everyone back. We have to protect the clients who use our platform. We must employ the best automation and artificial intelligence solutions to anticipate their needs and reduce the time-to-hire as much as possible.

We must also do better when it comes to new needs and new challenges: security and DevOps, or DevSecOps for short.

We can leave nothing to chance. Pentalog clients have to be shielded from the risks caused by limited human resources, a lack of software security, and must never again risk falling behind on their roadmap. That is what we will work on over the next few years: guaranteeing that those who have put their faith in us will succeed in the digital world.


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