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In September, Pentalog is setting up in Berlin!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

After my colleagues from Pentalog and Pentalabbs, it was my turn to discover the European high-tech Eldorado: Berlin.

As you already know, Berlin is a magnet for startups. Everybody is attracted to this iconic and mythological city, eager to inhale this European Sillicon Valley’s perfume.

From New Zealanders, Malaysians, Canadians, Spaniards, Kosovans, Lithuanians to French people, Berlin is a crossroad for nationalities. English imposes itself as the lingua franca, which considerably reduces the entry barrier on the market, as opposed to the rest of the country, where German remains the official language in most cases.

Some startups have just settled in Berlin, a highly vibrant European capital with very reasonable prices (apartments, food, beer, etc.). More mature companies are coming here for a fresh perspective or simply for a more dynamic market. Berlin is such an effervescent city that one life is not enough to participate in all the events directly or indirectly tackling the tech community and startups: from the AppsWorld conference starred by Steve Wozniak to networkings, conferences, pitches, etc.

There’s everything for everyone. Whether you’re a startup in the “I have an idea” stage or a more mature company seeking to install in a co-working space to benefit from its dynamics, then Berlin is the right place for you!

The German capital has this ability to industrialize European and international projects by making available a set of resources such as financing, premises, press relations, recruitment, technical and marketing resources. On the other hand, Berlin’s great success also relies on its strategic geographical position, a bridge among Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Northern Europe.

This being said, it only came as natural for Pentalog to take up the challenge and decide to set up a branch office in Berlin in September.  Following our various business trips there (see Serghei’s and Alexandra<’s articles on this topic), we have already signed a few contracts and entered into exclusive discussions with some prospects.

Our Berlin man will be Serghei Goloborodico, former Delivery Center Manager of our Chisinau production site. Serghei is a polyglot who welcomed many startup projects in Chisinau. He is thus familiar with all their issues concerning the development of their IT projects.

Have we mentioned yet that Pentalabbs, which is in the top 100 world startup accelerators, will also pack its bags for this new adventure?

Berlin, here we come!!! 🙂

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