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Serghei Goloborodico
Serghei Goloborodico
Senior Technology Consultant

It’s been 3 months since we’ve started our adventure in Berlin. In this short period of time I’ve observed and participated in a ton of events, meet-ups, conferences and other various activities around start-ups and innovation topics. But what impressed me most was BerlinWebWeek. I went to multiple events, wishing I had been able to attend them all.

BerlinWebWeek opened at a cult-place for Berlin start-ups – Saint Oberholz café – with a noisy meet-up organized by Silicon Allee. After 2 hours of intensive networking, I headed for the Re:publica conference – a huge ground for sharing ideas and discussing the future of the digital society. I ended this day with an e-commerce networking night organized by Händlerbund @Betahaus – another cult-place for start-ups and freelancers.Junge IKT Congress impressed me by its organization at high German standards but especially by a very condensed exhibition area where I discovered multiple innovative initiatives and running businesses.

Junge-ikt-austellung, Republica, Uber and Zalando

The StartupSafary #SuSBerlin organized during this week was the most fun part. Various companies opened their doors to visitors relating their success stories but also proposing some interesting workshops. I enjoyed the view from Zalando’s 9th floor, as well as this company’s high level of agility. I discovered FactoryBerlin and how Uber started activities in Berlin in 12 days and many other interesting stories. And what better way to get to know Berlin if not through its public transport means?

All this made me even more confident in finding new development opportunities in Berlin. I am closely following the next event announcements, and already planning my next stays in Berlin.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly via @SGoloborodico or by email sgoloborodico@pentalog.fr.

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