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Another quarter above 20%! The highest quality indicators in our history.

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog starts 2020 on a very strong basis, as the group’s organic growth exceeds 20%. Taking the acquisition of Soluti into account (now rebaptized Pentalog Innovation Factory Europe), total growth could even exceed 25%, making Pentalog one of the top performers among technology and marketing companies in Europe. For five years running, the group has doubled its organic turnover every 28 months.

Since 2016, when the group’s platform strategy started, Pentalog’s growth equation has continued time after time. On average, each quarter since then has posted growth of 21% year-over-year.


SkillValue Freelancers and Recruitment posted exceptional growth!

Freelance has achieved a performance rate of 150%! The platform has been picking up increasingly prestigious budgets, driving many of them to Pentalog Innovation Factory, in particular. Revenues from consulting in agile grow out of sales in freelancing, helping to confirm our cross-selling strategy.

Recruitment has shown an organic growth rate close to 100%.

In Q1, SkillValue Assessment (our SaaS solution for assessing the technical skills of digital professionals) went up by 30%, further confirming the cross-selling approach by redirecting part of this client base to our recruitment services.

The SkillValue brand’s total business volume grew 115% – a run rate that helps to confirm our development strategy.

Software Factory: a cash cow with 20% organic growth.

Several customers, new or longstanding, now exceed 200 thousand euros every month, in Europe and in the US.

For the first time, one client (a German economic giant) has put us on an 8-digit per year income trajectory.

Highest-level Quality: Pentaguys are heroes!

When we turned the page from 2019, we had a record backlog of 105% of turnover projected for 2020, and 160% projecting out to 2021.

Success is only possible of course because of very high levels of customer satisfaction along with their recommendations. In fact, our recommendation rate reaches 100% of queried customers!

Pentaguys are heroes! I have to thank them for everything we do together – every day. It is amazing!

Of course, we still need to stay focused for the rest of the year. The coronavirus crisis brings us back down to earth, with a mix of caution and humility. All our efforts are fragile in the face of the level of risk that seems to be piling up daily. Worse, the coronavirus pandemic is not our only fear; the situation in the Middle East is very scary right now, with whole populations suffering the long martyrdom of permanent wars.

In these troubled times, every day that passes has a significant impact on the morale of our clients, on the clients of those clients, and their income outlook… We need to stay tightly focused on the quality of our execution, because that is by far the most important factor in our performance.

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