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Pentalog Kicks-Off AWS Collaboration to Extend DevOps Offer

Guillaume POUSSEO
Guillaume POUSSEO
Chief Customer DevOps Services Officer

Two years ago, Pentalog set off on a mission to help customers build better digital products by enhancing our DevOps service offer – now we’re taking it a step further.

In a new initiative, we’ll now be leveraging the power of Amazon to support our clients as a Select AWS DevOps Consulting Partner.

One of the core missions of an AWS collaboration is to strengthen our capacities on Cloud Platforms – and who better to work with than the highest performing cloud platform for DevOps? Not only does Amazon Web Services provide users with better automation capabilities than competitors such as auto scaling or managed services, they equip engineers with more developer friendly features that support collaboration culture.

AWS collaboration

Enhancing Agility with DevOps & the Cloud

In less than two years, using AWS exclusively – Pentalog has doubled its number of Cloud experts with over 10 AWS certified specialists and 30 DevOps engineers. In addition, we’ll be investing resources in an ongoing mentoring program that has onboarded 50+ developers to learn the basics of the cloud platform – and a partnership with AWS is just a continuation of our efforts.

So, what does this AWS collaboration mean for our customers?

Here are just a few perks Pentalog clients can look forward to in our new venture with Amazon.

#Lower AWS Costs
Companies can now build or scale up through Pentalog using the AWS credit system. Functioning like a coupon code-like mechanism, Pentalog can gift credits to startups or enterprises looking to kick-off operations or scale up projects we believe in. From migration to POC and prior to AWS approval, Pentalog will obtain free credits to apply to your Cloud or DevOps functions and reduce your overall AWS expenses. If you have an exciting project you think might qualify, contact a Pentalog representative to tell us about it.

#Augmented Internal AWS Capabilities
Through AWS online workshops, in-person classes and other e-learning materials, Pentalog will help onboard your team members. By enhancing their knowledge, we can help secure the autonomy and confidence of your in-house talent in their cloud expertise – freeing up more internal resources to channel towards your projects.

If at any point during our AWS collaboration you feel you or your employees need more support, we can grant you access to a number of Amazon certified digital classes to get you up to speed.

#Stronger Collaboration with AWS
At any stage of your project you need additional help, Pentalog can accelerate and enforce your communication by connecting you with technical or commercial interlocutors from AWS.

Even More to Meet your Needs

Not only will our new partnership with AWS increase our expertise on the platform, we’re continuing to take on new initiatives to evolve as the Cloud and DevOps industries do.

  • By 2021, we plan on taking our collaborations with Amazon Web Services to the next level by becoming an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner.
  • Thanks to dedicated credits, we aim to double the number of certified specialists in Pentalog by the end of 2020.
  • We are aiming to acquire certified AWS specialties to make our expertise in the applied fields official.
  • We continue regular exchanges and communication with various AWS interlocutors to discuss how we can internally improve our projects and better serve clients. We work hand in hand with Amazon as a partner to provide tailored solutions and services.

Want to start collaborating via code and building stronger digital products with greater speed? Speak with a Pentalog Consultant and start injecting DevOps into your next project.
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