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DevOps Engineering

Improve delivery cycle time, reliability, resilience and performance.

DevOps engineering produces higher performance products

In today's hyper-competitive digital market, faster time-to-market cannot wait. Our DevOps Engineering services empower software development teams to reduce delivery times and boost performance levels. Add Pentalog DevOps talent to scale quickly, implement best practice processes, deploy higher quality product releases, and respond rapidly to customer requirements.

DevOps Engineering

  1. Delivery pipeline automation

    Pipeline Automation not only shortens the time-to-market for new features, but it also increases development efficiency. Automating a Delivery Pipeline avoids redundant and time-consuming work while providing a comprehensive validation procedure to ensure the quality and the reliability of the deliverables.

  2. System resilience

    Leveraging DevOps engineering ensures an overall better system resilience. With better observability, collaboration among specialties, automation and advanced practices such as chaos engineering, IT systems are more resistant to failures. According to the Puppet State of DevOps 2020 report, 68% of companies that have achieved a high state of DevOps evolution are able to remediate critical vulnerabilities in less than one day, twice as fast as less advanced companies.

  3. High availability of digital products

    Thanks to DevOps practices and many concomitant technologies which have arisen in the last decade, it is now becoming affordable for nearly any business to reach a high degree of availability and performances to satisfy their users' expectations and good experience. For example, Cloud-hosted companies can now routinely reach “five nines,” 99.999% availability.


  4. Technical telemetry access

    A core pillar of DevOps engineering is measurement, which is key to understanding how users interact with your platform so you may constantly improve your product. What engages them? What turns them off? Observability through DevOps provides a very high range of monitoring and analytics. This trend has been visible for some time, even by 2016 Puppet Labs noted that high adopters of DevOps have nearly twice better product-market fit than less advanced companies.