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Pentalog Becomes an AWS Select Partner to Meet Cloud Demands

Guillaume POUSSEO
Guillaume POUSSEO
Head of Customer DevOps Services

To better meet the growing demand for cloud services, Pentalog has partnered with AWS at the Select Consulting tier. This allows us to offer the enhanced DevOps services clients need to truly leverage the cloud.

One of the core benefits of launching this AWS collaboration will be to strengthen Pentalog’s capabilities in cloud – and who better to work with one of the highest performing cloud platforms for DevOps?

Not only does AWS provide users with a broad set of automation capabilities (such as auto scaling and managed services) the platform also equips engineers with more developer-friendly features to support collaboration.

AWS collaboration

Enhancing Agility with DevOps & Cloud

In less than 2 years, Pentalog doubled the depth of its cloud expertise, we now have 10 AWS-certified specialists and 30 DevOps engineers. In addition, we are 50+ developers in a mentoring program to learn the basics of the AWS platform.

So, what benefits can Pentalog clients expect with this new venture?

Companies can now build or scale through Pentalog using the AWS credit system. Functioning a bit like a coupon, Pentalog can request credits from AWS to apply to Cloud or DevOps functions to reduce overall expenses. If clients have a project which may qualify, they can contact a Pentalog representative.

Through AWS online workshops, in-person classes and other e-learning materials, Pentalog can onboard client team members. By enhancing their knowledge, we can promote in-house autonomy in cloud – freeing up internal resources to channel towards your projects.

If clients feel they need more support during an AWS collaboration, Pentalog can grant you access to a number of Amazon certified digital classes to get you up to speed.

Even further, if at any stage clients feel they need additional resources, Pentalog can connect clients with technical or commercial support from AWS.

With Cloud, the Sky’s the Limit

Becoming an AWS consulting partner is just the start. This partnership will increase our expertise on one key platform, we’re continuing to take on new initiatives to evolve as the Cloud and DevOps industries do.

  • By 2021, we plan on taking our collaborations with Amazon Web Services to the next level by becoming an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner.
  • Thanks to dedicated credits, we aim to double the number of certified specialists in Pentalog by early 2021.
  • We are aiming to acquire certified AWS specialties to make our expertise in the applied fields official.

We continue regular exchanges with AWS to improve our projects and better serve clients. We work hand in hand with Amazon as a partner to provide tailored solutions and services.

Pentalog will also enhance its partnership with Azure by 2021, extending our architecting and engineering expertise in Microsoft Cloud. In 2021 we are also aiming to double our capacities on other core DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, Serverless and Google Cloud Platform.

Ready to build stronger products with greater speed? Speak with a Pentalog Consultant to inject DevOps into your workflow.

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