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“Sweet 16” for Pentalog’s Chisinau Development Center

Elena Mutruc
Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

In 2005, when Pentalog launched a development center in Chisinau, Moldova, our objective was to offer the best cost to quality ratio for clients in Western Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To achieve this goal, we created a high-performing software development team, skilled in cutting-edge technologies, ready to tackle any technical challenges.

Aniversare Pentalog Chisinau 16 ani

Since then, we have completed an impressive portfolio of client projects in industries such as energy, finance, e-Commerce, telecommunications, and data management. We have also established our brand in Moldova’s IT market by supporting local initiatives in education and social care, promoting opportunities for talented engineers.

A Team of Fast, Experienced, and Reliable Coders

It’s not secret that the Moldovan developers are well-known for their commitment, work ethic, and affordable rates. A reason more to launch a delivery center in Moldova, a country with over 2,000 new engineers joining the workforce each year and nearly 30,000 active professionals.

Our team now includes 230 specialists, skilled in back-end development (PHP, JAVA, .NET, Python, Go, Ruby, C/C++, C#, GO Lang, Kotlin), front-end development ((JavaScript – Vuejs, Reactjs, Angular, Nodejs), and mobility (Android, iOS, Swift, Flutter).

Our developers’ languages skills in English, French, Russian and Romanian enable us to have exceptional work collaborations with clients in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the US.

The Pentalog team’s agility and capacity to solve complex problems fast made clients appreciate our rigorous, 6-point recruitment process that provides specialists with the highest level of collaboration skills and tech prowess.

Pentalog Chisinau Clients

In 16 years, our teams have successfully launched hundreds of digital products and services for global clients.

With this highly skilled tech workforce, we developed hundreds of digital products that make us proud today. Here are some examples:

  1. SumUp – This FinTech startup needed to ramp up developers quickly, without a long recruitment process or months of onboarding and training, so we built a team with Pentalog’s most skilled engineers in developing intuitive and inclusive financial solutions.
  2. Tour Radar – To sustain this travel startup’s expansion, Pentalog’s team took over the development of the marketplace platform, while the client’s development team was available to take on new, in-house projects.
  3. OtoSense – For this company that developed an AI-enabled sound recognition app, Pentalog set up a dedicated team of five engineers to support the development of the solution, having the opportunity to work in the fascinating IoT field. A highly innovative project!

Most of our collaborations are long-term and imply the development of more than just one feature.

  • The longest-lived collaboration is with an energy data management client and dates from 2005.
  • One of the largest teams ever set up by Pentalog consists of 60 engineers who are part of our ed-tech client’s extended unit.


Pentalog Chisinau is Growing, Despite the Pandemic

As the digitization process continues for most brands, Pentalog Chisinau welcomes more clients that need quality software development services.

To sustain growth and handle the technical challenges, we’re hiring the best coders. As such, we’re offering remote jobs, so engineers from all over Moldova can apply.

On Pentalog’s Chisinau planning for 2021, there’s also the expenditure of the technical capabilities, so we can have access to projects which are challenging both from a technical and business standpoint.

Tech stack Pentalog Chisinau

We’re confident we’ll achieve these new objectives the same way we’ve done in the past.

Pentalog is one of the most trusted employers in Moldova, attracting many talented developers through the company’s core values (transparency, trust, collaboration, excellence, empathy, and balance) and leadership style.

Some of the best coders join the Pentalog squad every month in search of professional opportunities, career growth, and the chance to work for renowned brands. They feel motivated to team-up with experienced professionals, to continue learning, and even to become leaders themselves.

Pentalog supports people taking initiative and nurtures leadership skills.

  • What better way to show that we embrace long-term collaborations than to tell you that 15% of our colleagues have been with us for more than eight years?
  • And what better proof to support our equal opportunities offer for all candidates than to tell you that, in Pentalog Chisinau, 58% of all employees are men and 42% are women?


Striving to Make a Difference

One of our priorities is to focus our efforts on local communities. Education is highly important because the technical graduates in Moldova need our support to accumulate knowledge

Engineers in Pentalog host PentaBAR events, IT internships, training sessions, workshops, and university courses. To enlarge the impact of our actions, we have a series of powerful partners: Moldova’s technical universities, Teckwill, Agence Universitaire Francophone (AUF), Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), and many more.

This year, we organized a remote IT internship in web development, on PHP & Vue.js, for students with a technical background.

Through these annual IT internships, we aim to raise the level of knowledge for Moldovan IT specialists and convince as many engineers that they can build a successful career in their country, too. To date, we helped more than 80 young people start their careers in IT.

Team Pentalog Chisinau

Giving back to the local communities has always been important for us. That is why we constantly support associations fighting poverty or health issues to continue their activities.

  • This year, in March, we joined forces with Hospice Angelus Moldova Charity Foundation in offering palliative care to patients – including children – with progressive, incurable diseases.
  • In December 2020, the generosity month in Pentalog, we donated technical equipment to a school to support better online education.
  • Every year, we organize charitable events through sports activities and environmental actions.

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