The Power of PHP harnessed to Help Tourism Marketplace Platform Go Global

Client location Vienna, Austria

Business area Travel

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Development

About the client

TourRadar provides a unique digital travel experience where travellers can find, book, and review over 40,000 different tours worldwide, catering to all travel styles.

The marketplace platform allows users to compare the offers of over 2,800 operators around the world, read reviews, and get professional advice to schedule trips.

To help budget growth, TourRadar turned to SpeedInvest – European growth hacker in VC funding (and trusted Pentalog partner) to join their advisory board and help the company obtain additional funding.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The challenge

Travel startup and tourism industry pioneers, TourRadar have made a name for themselves – recently receiving Series C funding with the help of SpeedInvest.

But just a short while ago, they were in search of tech resources to support worldwide expansion.

As a marketplace platform, the information provided to users must reflect pinpoint accuracy. To shoulder this project while keeping up with rapid growth, TourRadar trusted Pentalog to build an outsourced IT development team.

With plans to grow, TourRadars’ marketplace platform was faced with addressing several technical issues – simultaneously. By externalizing the development team, Pentalog was able to ensure the seamless synchronization of each operators’ tour and cruise catalog. In turn, TourRadar was given the freedom to focus their in-house development efforts elsewhere.

Because TourRadars’ business model lives and dies on providing accurate, up-to-date information, flawless interconnection with each third-party platform API was the top priority.

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Web platform

The solution

Pentalog swiftly addressed TourRadars’ need to widen tech capacities and set up a dedicated PHP development team within a week.

A Collaboration Framework was drafted to outline clear partnership guidelines, delineate responsibilities, and define KPIs to work towards developing the marketplace platform. The team uses Kanban methodology coupled with short delivery cycles. Visualization of KPIs during Steering Committees ensures the continuous health of the process and alignment with TourRadars’ objectives.

The results

This project is a shining example of how collaborations can thrive when those involved are fully immersed, trust their partners and follow the vision. TourRadars’ vision was clear – they would digitally transform the tourism industry by empowering users to make well-informed choices.

TourRadar turned to the SpeedInvest x Pentalog partnership to fuel growth. SpeedInvest facilitated startup funding to help finance ideas and get a leg up on the innovation curve. At Pentalog, we opened the door to the tech talent and collaboration methodology needed to boost development efforts.

Pentalog quickly launched the project and provided the amount and level of technical experience TourRadar needed to address their challenges. After a few weeks, the Pentalog team took over automated tour importing and booking activity. In turn, TourRadars’ development team was available to take on new, in-house projects.

After 2 years of collaboration, the Pentalog team continues to serve as tech & IT outsourcing specialists, while SpeedInvest continues to support TourRadars’ growth as a trusted VC fund.

Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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