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One-year Anniversary of Pentalog Guadalajara: Outsourcing in Mexico done right

Jean-Paul Lacombe
Jean-Paul Lacombe
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Americas

It’s so overwhelming to realize that Pentalog Guadalajara has already spent approximately 8,780 hours or 365 days on evolving, growing and helping clients to always aim for the highest they could imagine. In a few words, it’s been 1 year since our teams proved that outsourcing in Mexico is the “odds-on favorite” for many businesses who want to get high-end services at a reasonable price.

Well, our PentaGuys & PentaGirls managed to meet the very high expectations we had. With their work ethic & dedicated efforts, they laid the foundation for the development of the Pentalog’s first Delivery Center in Mexico.


Outsourcing in Mexico – the hottest destination for your business

With a minor time difference between New York, California, Montreal and our Delivery Centre in Mexico, all of us should be keeping an eye on Guadalajara, as it’s the rising tech star of Latin America.

In August 2018 we’ve crossed the Atlantics to start our journey in Guadalajara, Mexico. Frankly, I have never imagined making this step. But here I am sitting in the Pentalog Guadalajara office, a couple of minutes away on foot from Arcos Vallarta, famous city monument, trying to put in a nutshell all milestones we have managed to achieve one year after we first stepped in here.

This decision to propose outsourcing in Mexico to Pentalog clients felt reasonable right from the start for a couple of reasons:

  • Competent Skills Supply
  • Competitive prices
  • NAFTA Membership
  • Time zone
  • Proximity to the US
  • Many local Universities
  • A big talent pool of IT professionals
  • Guadalajara is considered Mexican Silicon Valley
  • Affordable prices


Behind the scenes of Pentalog Guadalajara making its first steps

Getting to Mexico is one thing, being able to start operating here takes more time. So, what would be the first thing on your checklist after you got off the plane?

I got down to business immediately. One of the first things on my list was finding an office space. Quite some time was spent on analyses of various available options or occasional on-site visits. In the meantime, I was studying local labor law and competitors on the local market.

After finding a perfect spot in a coworking space, I began my “hunt” for skilled potential employees. I was screening first profiles by myself, later we hired a recruiting agency to get some help.

At that time, my Spanish wasn’t perfect, but it was decent, so I prepared a pitch for the future team about Pentalog Guadalajara in their native language. A good team needs to know the company’s core values & most important aspects, that’s why I felt the need to send this message out in the crowd.

And, voila! Hard work got paid off! Pentalog Guadalajara opened its doors for clients in a brand-new office with our first team of 3 people (1 SM, 2 Senior Developers).


Pentalog Guadalajara: a team united by Agile!

Today, we are making history with 22 experienced IT professionals. The team is growing, and we are open to see new faces anytime, while now, Pentalog Guadalajara is defined by: a project director (Andreea, an expatriate from Romania), administrative representative, one recruiter, 20 talented engineers and me, a very grateful Delivery Center Manager. It is worth mentioning that we put an emphasis on recruiting Senior Developers, so our developers have vast technical expertise.

pentalog guadalajara

One of the most lovable qualities of Mexican culture is its openness to all people. The same thing is true for our office. Everyone is unique & different, yet we have one common goal. There is no division, the spirit of the Agile approach persists wherever you look here.

Guadalajara opened its doors and welcomes us warmly, no doubt about that. The same is true for Andreea, an exceptional Spanish speaker from Romania who joined us 6 months after we opened the agency. We all highly appreciate her PO knowledge and valuable expertise with Agile.


Success led by the satisfaction of clients at Pentalog Guadalajara

Since our opening 1 year ago we have been working hard to provide our clients with all the tools they need to deliver top digital products on the international market. We established a trustworthy collaboration with 10 clients from different fields: mobile development, IoT, data science, Machine Learning.

pentalog guadalajara

Right from the start, it was a great relief to know that all engineers who started working here come not just with comprehensive technical knowledge, they also are very familiar with American culture. Some developers lived & worked in the US or had experience working with them. It creates a bond of trust with all American businesses who work with us, as they focus more on facts and figures.

One of the clients that got impressive results in a short time was IMAGINiT, a US-based company who needed help with their web application for customizing anti-flooding systems. How did it go?

  • We added 3 professionals (one Senior, one Advanced Full-Stack developer and a Senior Scrum master) to the client’s in-house team of 2 in a few weeks
  • We improved the Web app the client had started developing previously
  • We helped the team to apply Scrum ceremonies and processes
  • We improved the application and delivered smoothly Version 1 & 2, now Version 3 is being developed

In the same manner, a software company from the USA specialized in architecture & engineering started outsourcing in Mexico with an ambitious goal. They wanted to develop a “mini” AutoCAD application using React that would be running in the browser. Pentalog Guadalajara proposed to the client a team of 2 FullStack React/Node JS Senior Developers.

Our engineers also have worked on a MedTech project. The team had to address the problem of medical referrals from primary care to neurosurgery specialists while focusing on increasing service delivery and establishing a proof of concept for a potentially scalable software solution. With this client worked a team of 7 professionals from our office: 1 Scrum Master, 1 Product Owner, 2 React developers, 2 Python Developers, and 1 QA tester.

And it’s just the beginning! The FinTech industry wasn’t left unnoticed by the Pentalog Guadalajara team either. The project is a full website (including administration Back-office) dedicated to Insurance Professionals, with online subscription and payment. A team of 4 people (Scrum Master, Product Owner, FullStack Python Django developers) took over it to deliver the product desired by our client.

Some other amazing projects we implemented include: iPad Pro application used by doctors in Hospitals to facilitate the TBM meetings and educational web platform to easily create online and hybrid programs.

In 1 year, we have managed to discover a lot of exciting opportunities! It has been a beautiful rollercoaster and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Day-by-day our amazing team accomplishes new goals alongside our brilliant clients. Thank you and, in the nearest future, we will meet in a new bigger office of Pentalog Guadalajara.


? Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned for the latest news from Pentalog’s Delivery Centre in the heart of Mexico!!! Hasta luego!

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