When React and Industrial Engineering Meet

Client location Owings Mills, United States

Business area Industry

Product Software

Delivery center Guadalajara, Mexico

Project type Development

About the client

Our client, IMAGINiT, is a US based technology company focused on software solutions and optimization in the industrial engineering domain.

What did a US technology company do when they needed fast results and React expertise for their engineering solution? They looked towards IT outsourcing and found it at Pentalog Mexico.


The challenge

Our client needed a partner company with a very high level of experience and expertise to help them get a software development project underway. They turned to Pentalog Mexico for help.

The project was a sensitive one; the objective was to create a web application for customizing anti-flooding systems. The final goal was to create a web application with functionalities that could generate complex calculations and render corresponding layouts that could be matched to different piping system blueprints in real time.

This way, an anti-flooding system could be created for an underground parking lot (for example), so that engineers would know exactly what the ideal layer and pipe system distribution within required measurements would be.

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web application - imaginit

The solution

A team of one Senior, one Advanced Full-Stack developer and a Senior Scrum master was put together at Pentalog Mexico in a matter of weeks to extend the clients’ in-house team of two. Together, we started the process of improving the current Web app the client had begun developing.

Our work was front-end oriented and came with React expertise, while the developers from the client side focused on the back-end. The collaboration ran smoothly, and team integration was fast. We were able to start injecting Scrum ceremonies and processes to deliver newer, more complex functionalities to the anti-flooding system such as blueprint import, canvas display, real-time rendering of the best pipe system distribution with calculations including soil layers, stone porosity, and report generation, which highlights all necessary calculations for building the real system in AutoCAD.

The results

The front end was not fully functional since the focus before the collaboration began had been mostly on the back end and on calculations. After the first sprint with the integrated Pentalog team, our client was able to advance 1 month in terms of scheduling. The entire solution for Version 1 was delivered swiftly and we could then proceed to Version 2 which was ready by end of April. Version 3 is still currently being defined.

Apart from that, the performance and responsiveness of the application was drastically improved. Some libraries used were replaced with more flexible ones, the front end was redesigned and was tweaked to be more user friendly and intuitive, with tutorials and on-screen instructions.

What the clients most appreciated about our collaboration was the skill level and experience of the developers, along with the flexibility, reactivity and ability to deliver quickly. Additionally, the fact that the time-zone was almost non-existent (the team was quite close, although remote) was a great plus and we helped them deliver the application in 6 months’ time. Currently, we are further developing the application and continuing to add features to increase its value even more.

Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA
Customer Success Manager

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