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Turning Three, Pentalog’s Mexico Office Sets the Pace for Growth

Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA
Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA
Customer Success Manager

Just three years ago, Pentalog Mexico hired the first programmer for its Guadalajara office, taking a leap into the unknown. Today, we’re planning to open a second office in Mexico.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve firmly established Pentalog in Latin America. Our team is 60+ strong (and growing) and has delivered more than 20 projects to American clients in sectors such as e-commerce, environment, healthcare, and education.

Taking necessary pandemic precautions, a few of us gathered at the office to celebrate Pentalog's Mexico anniversary.


Why Guadalajara for Outsourcing?

Mexico has made a name for itself as a competitive location for IT outsourcing, with decades of partnership with American and European technology companies.

Today, Guadalajara is the main manufacturer of software and components in Mexico, home to more than 700 high-tech companies (such as Intel, HP, Oracle and IBM) and around 40 design and research centers.

Famous for the origin of tequila and mariachi, the city employs more than 100,000 information technology professionals and it is the fifth largest in Latin America for digital producers.

At Pentalog, we’ve learned that U.S. clients appreciate the chance to work within the Central Time Zone, which reduces barriers to close collaboration during the “normal” workday, while also offering “follow the sun” production for overseas companies.

More than that, our clients take advantage of the deep talent pool in Mexico and the wide range of technical skills, such as React, Vue.js, Node, Python, Django, JAVA, .NET Core, iOS Swift, Android Kotlin, AWS, Azure, to name some highlights.

Pentalog Mexico has a high level of senior developers who do an excellent job for clients.

In just three short years, we’ve built a team with a high level of seniority (9+ years) across many of the most sought-after technical capabilities, with great clients, a beautiful office, and attractive benefits comparable to our competition.

Now we are looking at a location in Mexico for a second delivery center to deepen our clients’ access to some of the finest software engineering talent in Latin America. We are considering several well-known engineering destinations and look forward to making an announcement soon.


Pentalog Mexico Values IT Excellency

As a professional IT company, we know that a sterling reputation is essential for success in this industry. Our name is only as good as our work.

I know from my experience that American companies have very high expectations for outsourcing, not only in terms of quality and price but also for partnership and efficiency.

Outsourcers like Pentalog must learn how to continuously deliver more and more value. Beyond cost-effectiveness, American clients want partners to continuously improve production efficiency.

That is why we’re so pleased to say that, after three years serving US companies, we have received consistently positive feedback from clients, along with their recommendations for new business. This trust is our most important asset for growth.

As Customer Success Manager, I am so pleased to lead a group of top performers. They are to be congratulated for the success of the office! They embrace Pentalog’s values by investing passion in every project.

What are the ingredients to our success?

  1. An amazing team of IT professionals who remained united, positive, and engaging no matter the challenges.
  2. A small army of recruiters who found the best available talent for our projects, spanning a wide range of technologies.
  3. Continued commitment to keeping people satisfied. Kudos to the practice manager, scrum masters, product owners, and people managers.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Pentalog Guadalajara is a young office by Pentalog standards. In three years, half we’ve worked and hired remotely. These special challenges make our success even more remarkable since we’ve built a business while missing so much of the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face, spend time with them, and get to know each other in the same room.

Instead, we made the best of it online!

What to do when you can’t get together for a happy hour? Go virtual, of course!

At Pentalog, colleagues appreciate a transparent culture: we share results, and we appreciate ideas. We’re a place to learn and grow, with access to training and mentoring, and the chance to work on different projects and to learn new technologies and roles. And, of course, as the pandemic taught us, we support remote work and promote work-life balance.

I’m especially glad that these values align with my own. As a leader, I believe it is important to focus more on the character of your people, on a nurturing approach. I want to be there to help when I’m needed. As I say all the time to my team, when you grow, we all grow.

For me, Pentalog isn’t the “new kid on the block” in Guadalajara anymore, we’re the company to watch. That’s why I tell candidates, come to Pentalog since you can work on the newest technologies and advance faster.

Guadalajara is an innovative city, a livable but international destination. It’s a great place to start a career and a great place to work with world-class engineers.

Come get to know us, we’ve got big plans for the next three years!


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