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Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA

Customer Success Manager

About Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA

Mario is a born problem-solver, motivated by integral growth and improvement. An Agile enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in management and strong leadership skills, Mario is always open to learning about new ways to get better.

His career started in Quality Assurance, but once he learned about Agile, he gravitated towards the professions of Product Owner and Scrum Master. This opened the door to Pentalog in December 2021 as a Scrum Master, working closely with different teams. Since then, he has been involved in numerous process improvements for Pentalog Guadalajara.

In late October 2022, he was assigned as Customer Success Manager at Pentalog’s Guadalajara Delivery Center in Mexico. He is currently focused on spreading Pentalog’s impact throughout North America, by hiring the best developers Mexico has to offer.

He has ambitious goals and big plans for Guadalajara, looking to make it a place of community and growth where the best developers want to work – all while spreading Pentalog’s brand across the continent as a benchmark in the IT consulting industry.