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Mobile market liberalization may bring about a boom in M2M services and real productivity growth!

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

It is a fact that most of us hesitate when it comes to turning to a 100% mobile (online) world, as up to now fares have been really high. And, while we hesitate, all the related services fail to take off. Once we receive attractive offers (Thank you Mr Niel icon_wink), we’ll most likely have fewer scruples about taking the leap: 3G tablets, 3G ultra-light laptops, etc. Thus, we could be connected “full time” to social networks, to our company’s information systems (IS), to objects (M2M), etc.The attractiveness of mobile prices will be reflected on full data offers in the field of connected objects (M2M or Machine to machine), which will eliminate the last but one obstacle to M2M take off: its price.Why did I say “the last but one obstacle”?Just because the last obstacle is the scope of its use.It is not enough to be connected to an IS, the information must be “contextualized” depending on the user who looks at it. There mustn’t be any additional effort to find the information, to use it together with others and to process it. The connection must benefit its productivity and work performance.Let’s look at it by using an example: an electricity meter sets back its index in an IS of a company in charge of the building where the meter is placed. The IS has integrated the information in the BI device database.In fact, one cannot know if there is a consumption peak until the facilities manager or the production manager (for factories) does not log in to the BI device (or, at best, to the intranet).The “practical” benefit would be that the information is analyzed by the IS within the building’s production chain (automatically), translated in simple terms and posted on the social network and on the wall:– for the facilities manager: “Current electricity over-consumption due to production increase: for more details, click on the following link.”– for the production manager: “Production growth has lead to an increase in electricity consumption: for more details, click on the following link.”– for the commodity manger: “Production growth has lead to an increase in electricity consumption. Given the production forecasts for the following 3 months, you should consider renegotiating the contract with the electricity supplier: for price simulations, click on the following link.”Does this look like a dream come true?It is not a dream, but the reality we can nowadays achieve with the means (software and hardware) available to us and at reasonable prices.

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