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Our Approach: Hiring Smarter to Win the War for IT Talent

Éric Gouin
Éric Gouin
Chief Operating Officer &
Performance Manager

Let’s face it – the economy is in disruption and uncertain. Moving quickly is the key to making strategy stick, but without sufficient tech talent, transformation is stuck. To win the war for talent, businesses need an edge. That’s why we created SkillValue Insight.

Despite or perhaps because of the tumult of the last few years, the shortage of tech talent has become too hot to handle. Top software engineers name their price, choose their projects, work from anywhere. For business leaders, delays in hiring mean losing time, which means losing customers, business, and revenue.

As COO, I scrutinize every step in our customer delivery process. That means I think a lot about recruiting the best people and building the best teams for clients. But with tech companies fighting for the same talent, I need a smarter way to attract and retain Pentalog team members.

That’s why I am excited by the launch of SkillValue Insight, Pentalog’s proprietary recruitment algorithm, designed to help us hire the best people, faster. Our algorithm inherits 20+ years of Pentalog industry leadership and builds on comprehensive assessment data from 100,000 developers and one million tests to give us a true competitive hiring advantage.

IT talent war

An end run around supply and demand

SkillValue Insight relies on four fundamental pillars: hard skills, soft skills, level of English, and experience. With SkillValue Insight, we’re able to select high-performing talent faster and move more quickly to place developers in win-win projects.

SkillValue Insight allows us to support continuous staffing, so that customers can integrate appropriate resources faster, giving them more freedom to handle increases in workload. In the hands of our skilled Pentalog Project Directors, we bring technical and business know-how along with the most efficient staffing capabilities.

The best attracts the best. This principle automatically produces inflation in the labor market. With SkillValue Insight, Pentalog cuts through noise. We take subjectivity out of the question and rate candidates based on their scores.

We need other criteria – more fine-grained, more fair, more scalable. We find them in the four pillars of SkillValue Insight:

  1. Hard Skills: Technical skills are of course at the heart of the recruitment process, the principal element in our assessment. The goal is to make sure that recruits are up to date on the most popular technologies.
  2. Soft Skills: This is about evaluating the adaptability and interpersonal skills of the candidate, both to determine how quickly they can integrate into the client’s culture, and into their teams.
  3. Level of English: In the global digital economy, the working language is English. A candidate may be an excellent developer with a good track record, but if English is a weakness, then they’re going to have problems.
  4. Experience: For Pentalog, experience is more than the years. It should include contributions to the technical community, publications, awards, and other indicators of continuous evolution.

Talent management for an uncertain market

A better hiring process benefits Pentalog, and it benefits our clients. But it is also something meaningful for the people we hire. We help them where they are and where they can go in their careers. We provide guidance on precisely those areas where they can improve.

With SkillValue Insight, we have created a technological match-making service, matching between a client company and its human resources needs. Just as you don’t choose a “match” based only on the criteria of one department, you don’t recruit a developer based only on their years of experience. We dig deeper to limit human errors in hiring and speed the hiring process.

In 2022, Pentalog will use SkillValue Insight to hire at least 100 great people each month. We’re going to open three, perhaps four, new digital production centers in different time zones. We know speed is essential for growth, something we think our clients appreciate.

Learn more about how SkillValue Insight works and how it can benefit your business!

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