IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

IT staffing solutions simplify your hiring process with remote placement of top talent covering most popular tech stacks.

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How IT Staffing Services Add Value

Pentalog offers a comprehensive range of flexible IT staffing solutions to provide customers with access to top-level software engineers and agile development teams.

Our no-risk agile contracts simplify the hiring and onboarding process for team extension assignments, whether you need to add one engineer or dozens.

With SkillValue Insight, our proprietary assessment algorithm, we identify the best engineers and digital experts and match skills to projects for a perfect fit every time.

The Benefits of Pentalog IT Staffing

Access Top Talent

Work with qualified candidates covering nearly all technology stacks.

Find the Right Fit

We hire smarter and match the best profiles to each project.

Reduce Hiring Time

360-degree vetting with our talent algorithm reduces time-to-hire.

Scale as Needed

Add capacity and missing specialties to match evolving priorities.

Why work with an IT staffing company?

  • Recruiting top-level talent can be a challenge: great developers are hard to find, while technology expectations constantly change.
  • IT staffing services can offer peace of mind, letting customers focus on launching digital initiatives and meeting delivery goals.
  • At Pentalog, we know that client satisfaction means offering flexible staffing solutions customized based on each customer’s needs.

How do we hire top-level talent? By working smarter.

With SkillValue Insight, Pentalog’s proprietary talent management system, we onboard top-level digital experts faster than ever.

SkillValue Insight takes a 360-degree view, assessing candidates for technical expertise, seniority, English proficiency, and leadership.
Our proprietary assessments identify “the best of the best” talent covering most popular software frameworks and methodologies.
Better talent management means the best profiles are matched to clients more precisely, always based on each project’s unique needs.