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Outsourced Python Developers: Scale up Your IoT Project through ML and AI

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

Your dedicated team of Python developers in Romania will start your project in less than 30 days!

Trying to find highly skilled Python developers to build and scale up your digital project and address your IoT challenges? But at the same time you are looking for a solution to optimize resources and overcome time-to-market challenges?

You can put together your Python team now through an IT outsourcing collaboration in a highly-competitive Eastern European location. Your dedicated team will help you implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to craft scalable and high-performance IoT solutions.

A Product Owner, a Scrum Master, 2 Python Developers, 1 Front-End Developer and 1 QA Specialist are ready to take over your project in our delivery center based in Cluj, Romania. They apply Agile best practices at every stage of your project to build value and drive performance in a fully-transparent collaboration.

Receive a 10% discount on our nearshore Romania prices your first month & a 5% discount each month after that.

This comes with the added benefit of working with a cohesive team and all the advantages of an IT outsourcing partnership:

  • Resource optimization – Your in-house team will be able to focus on strategy while our dedicated team tackles your technology-related challenges. You won’t have to waste your time looking for a team and testing their abilities, the qualified people are readily available.

  • Lean and Agile thinking – All our IT professionals apply Agile and Lean principles to deliver just in time and just enough quality software.

  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility – Depending on your needs and growth milestones, we will propose you teams of different sizes that you can adjust as your project advances.

  • Experience – Our team of Python developers is cross-functional and has expertise in different industries. Not only will they provide what your project requires, but they will also bring additional value by leveraging their extensive experience to boost your project.

Build your Python development team now!




If you are ready to bring your ideas to life, our delivery center in Cluj is a go-to IT outsourcing destination. Based in Romania, the city of Cluj is one of the country’s most prolific IT outsourcing hubs and boasts skilled IT professionals mastering the latest tech stacks.

Pentalog has been present in Romania since 1999 to help clients achieve their goals by accessing high-end technical & business skillsets and Agile project management methodologies at competitive prices.

Our Romanian teams are currently spread in 4 delivery centers located in the country’s major cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov and Iasi. Their business expertise covers a wide range of industries, from IoT, electronics, automotive and MedTech to e-commerce, EdTech, media, gaming and more.

Ready to outsource your project to a team of Python developers in Cluj?



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