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Pentalog Freelancers offers freelance Python developers who create, develop, and maintain apps for any size and type of company.

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Skilled Freelance Python Developers – Validated by a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists bring ease to the process of finding competent, reliable Python developers.

Using the SkillValue skill assessment tool, a constantly updated SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with more than 1,000 technical evaluations including coding exercises, quizzes and online hackathons, they evaluate developers’ hard skills in real time to ensure freelancers are matched only to projects that coincide with their skill levels and areas of expertise.

Prior to joining any mission, our Talent Acquisition Specialists also measure the candidates’ soft skills to lay the foundation of smooth collaboration with your in-house team. Abilities such as flexibility, motivation, commitment, team spirit, attention to details and even creativity are skills that our Talent Acquisition Specialists will look for when interviewing your future Python developers.

We ensure you have a strategic partner to meet your technical and business needs.

IT Recruitment Platform with a Selection of Freelance Python Developers

With SkillValue, a platform of more than 1,000 technical evaluation tests that include coding exercises, quizzes, and online hackathons, Pentalog Freelancers evaluates developers’ hard and soft skills, offering only the best freelance Python developers for your missions.

Their rich technological experience includes:

  • Web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid etc)
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud etc)
  • DevOps tools (such as Chef, Ansible or SaltStack)
  • Data Science libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib or Numpy)
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • And more!

Through the Pentalog Freelancers platform you get access to a private community of tested Python Developers to select the best talent available for new freelance projects. Start with us today.

Do More, Faster

Already working with Python developers? We also offer a database of 1,000 ready-to-use skill assessment tests to make sure you’re training and working with the best.

Put your test together on your own as a SmartQuiz or choose from one of ours.

How Much Does a Freelance Python Developer Cost?

The average daily rate of a freelance Python Developer generally oscillates around €400 (a 15% commission is included), although this can vary according to the profile of the developer.

Level of experience ADR Freelance Python Developers
0-2 years £216
2-4 years £270
4-7 years £320
7+ years £436

Would you like to compare the price of a Python freelancer with the price of Python developer involved in an outsourcing project? Take a look at our price list to get started.