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Contrary to what it may seem, the new headquarters of Pentalog won’t cost us too much

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

The whole operation, including works, should result in a €2M budget, which translates into €2300 per square meter. Compared to the prices in the French province cities, this is a very competitive rate, especially for an asset located very close to a motorway exit and less than 10 km away from a city center. It is far less expensive than a small scale office in Paris (4 times cheaper) or than whatever we could purchase in Bucharest (around 3000). This price is close to the one we would have obtained in Brasov, whereas we will now be in an area which is part of Unesco World Heritage! The acquisition of this outstanding asset, which will contribute, as Frédéric asserted, to the group’s communication, shall have a minor influence on the structural costs of our IT company, which will slightly increase by 1 to around 1.5%. Related to our current sales figure, this means that our expenses will increase by around 0.5 %.I really wanted to inform everybody on this aspect as I can imagine our competitors commenting on the burst of our costs. Now, we all know what to comment backicon_smile.

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