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The Hanoi office brings its arrangement in line with the new rules


The arrangement of the Iasi office at the beginning of 2010 was already the starting point of a new generation. Together with Anne, our artistic director, we are defining the clear arrangement rules that can be adapted to our different premises. These rules were successfully put into practice for the first time in Sibiu. Now it is Hanoi’s turn to adopt this arrangement as the office is expanding.The rules are simple:- No more entirely white walls. We must find a balance, from one office to another, between yellow/orange, blue, light grey and dark grey.- We must also eliminate the square layout of our premises.- We intend to include decoration objects.- The identity of our offices will be based on inscriptions and photo frames.objetOrnement1-300x224When we changed locations in December 2009, we had taken an additional surface that exceeded our expectations for the first time in the history of our offices. Last month, in view of the development of our office (project ramp-ups, arrival of new projects), we decided to arrange this extra surface by adding: two meeting rooms, one kitchen/relaxation room and 24 extra individual work spaces in these 200 m2. This expansion leads to a capacity of 80-85 people for this office.Here is the result. In the video below, I started from the previous video in order to show images with the current office look. What do you think of how this arrangement has turned out?If you want to submit a project for which this office is eligible (or another office in Moldova or Romania), don’t hesitate to contact us or send us a meeting request. We will be happy to meet you soon.For those of you who will come here soon, I thought that the office started to resemble Macau at late hours. It makes for a pleasant sight.

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