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Ramp Up a Dedicated Team of JAVA Developers in 2 Weeks

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Building a stable, reliable, and fast solution to support business processes is critical to the success of any company planning to scale up their products and services.

The JAVA tech stack is the perfect choice to set the grounds for long-term scalability, but this means more than just making the right technology choices. Skilled Java developers who share your vision paired with effective management strategies fall under the same umbrella.

java developers

Scalability requires a solid software architecture, a cohesive team, and an efficient methodology to achieve success. Contact us to learn more!

In a highly competitive market, looking for JAVA developers to build a team on your own is an extremely resource-consuming process. It costs time, energy, and funds – that could have otherwise been invested into an efficient growth hacking strategy.

Collaborating with a dedicated Java development team in an outsourced location offers the right tech skills to industrialize your project, cost savings of up to 40%, and the best value for your investment in terms of software quality.

Are you searching for a skilled team to start your Java outsourcing project and scale up your service offer?

Look no further! Our teams are ready to start in just 2 weeks.


Meet Your Outsourced Team of JAVA Developers

Pentalog is operating in 7 countries across Europe, America, and Asia. All our offices are fast-growing tech hubs that foster dynamic IT environments, in line with the Western cultures.

Our JAVA Developers are fluent English-speaking professionals who master the full stack of JAVA technologies, tools, and processes including: Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin, REST, GWT, JavaScript (Angular, Node.js, Ext JS), AWS, Microservices architecture, Continuous Integration, Docker, NoSQL databases, and more.

They apply Lean thinking and DevOps practices to maximize the value of your collaboration in terms of quality, time, and cost.

Team Structure

Your outsourced team of JAVA developers is managed in Agile mode and ready to start in 2 weeks. The team is composed of but not limited to:


  • A Scrum Master who ensures Agile principles are followed
  • JAVA Developers who handle both the front-end and back-end development of your product
  • QA Engineers in charge of validating the quality and performance of your project


They have the business experience and tech skills to turn your project into a success. Explore our pricing model to learn more about the complete service offer powered by Pentalog Software Factory.


A wide range of skills

JAVA provides a reliable environment allowing you to build large-scale, easily maintainable applications that generate high traffic, and run across multiple platforms.

Depending on the complexity of your project and the level of scalability you want to achieve, you can add new profiles or reduce the number of developers mastering the same skill set according to your long-term growth strategy and time-to-market challenges.

We offer more than just a simple outsourcing collaboration, though. We support you during the entire life-cycle of your product. With Pentalog, you start an outsourcing partnership that you can extend to any level you want, including: product design, high-end consulting on technical architecture, digital marketing, and more.


What to Look for when Outsourcing?

When achieving high availability, high performance, and bullet-proof security, it is essential to prepare for your outsourced collaboration beforehand. There are several aspects you should take into account:


  • What is your long-term strategy related to the product you want to build or scale?
  • How much time and resources can your in-house teams invest in the project?
  • What time-zone difference are you willing to accept?
  • How fast do you want to advance?


Depending on your location, our JAVA teams can be your nearshore or offshore partner in building a successful software product. They are autonomous and adapt easily to your vision, goals, and growth strategy.

Their skills and in-depth experience working in outsourcing projects will give you the flexibility you need to focus more on strategic decisions.

It is time to work on your business, not in it. Entrust your JAVA project to an outsourced team!



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