Pentalog boosts the capacity

Of an energy management software publisher

Client location West Flanders, Belgium

Business area Energy Management

Product Software

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Development

About the client

Our client is a software developer that specializes in Energy Management Software. Their software solution allows companies to monitor, visualize, and manage their energy consumption. It helps decision makers analyze their situation and make informed decisions focused on optimizing their energy consumption. This software functions on a desktop application as well as a web app that can be run on any mobile device, allowing users to manage their energy consumption from anywhere.


Technologies used

The challenge

The human resource needs of software developers can dramatically increase and decrease in a short amount of time. A company may need extra coders to push out a new feature but once it is finished the surplus manpower may go to waste. Flexible contract management is one way to avoid the problem of being overstaffed but this is challenging and requires a lot of time to organize. A simpler solution is to team up with an IT outsourcing company that can add or subtract developers to your teams on demand.

One of our now long-term clients, an energy management software developer, decided to team up with us because we were able to provide senior Java developers and ramp the team up and down as needed in accordance with their activity level.

This client has their own in-house development team but their need for manpower constantly changes. Anytime they find a new customer they need to add more features to the application in order to make accommodations for their unique needs.

More features mean more coding and if our client wanted to keep delivering on time they needed to take on additional coders. Upgrades and changes to their existing systems also create surges in the demand for coding power. So this client needed to find a way to add and subtract expert Java developers to their project on demand without having to go through a lengthy recruitment process each time.

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Energy Management Software

The solution

Their solution was to team up with Pentalog for an IT outsourcing solution. They chose to work with our delivery center in Chisinau, Moldova back in 2011, making this of one of the first projects for our Moldovan center.

This collaboration started with a handful of developers that were taken on to customize the client’s software, as well as to handle integration and maintenance tasks. The Pentalog team was able to ramp up and down as needed whenever the client found new customers or implemented new ideas to their energy management software solution.

In 2017, the client experienced a higher influx of customers which greatly increased their need for developers. A greater focus on the web app version of the client’s software also contributed to their increased demand of manpower. This spurred the client to double the size of Pentalog’s team from 6 to 12 people. Several senior Java developers and two business analysts joined the team to help our client steer their business strategy.

The results

Close cooperation between the Pentalog and client teams made this project a success. Pentalog’s developers visited the offices of the client and received training there which greatly helped to integrate the team. The training was also necessary because the client’s software is very specific. The solution was in Java but did not use any framework. Pentalog’s developers needed to learn how to work with the client’s API in order to create custom solutions.

The client was pleased with Pentalog’s ability to quickly react to their recruitment needs, even though they required that all the coders be senior Java developers. With over 1,100 full-time developers, Pentalog was able to find the profiles they needed and ramp the team up and down on demand. They also appreciated the flexibility of our developers, as the client cycled them between a number of short-term projects with a variety of different requirements.

On-site steering committee meetings also helped to make this project a success. Pentalog’s project managers went to the client’s offices in person every four months to hold these meetings. Close communication and collaboration are necessary for the success of all outsourcing projects and both sides made an effort to stay in contact.

Overall the client has given us positive feedback and this multi-year project is continuing today. One thing that has helped over the years is that the client gives each of our team members individual feedback. Personalized feedback helps them to improve their performance on this project and as developers in general. Our teams will continue working together to make this energy management software project a success.

Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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