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Software publishers: a new white paper


Due to the growing importance of Cloud Computing and the new web practices of the companies, software publishers have to rethink their organizational models and provide new offers and new marketing methods in line with the evolution of their clients’ strategies.

  • How to best adapt to the new software consumption patterns
  • How to increase customer satisfaction
  • How to gain market shares and stand out from the competition

With over 10 years of collaboration with more than fifty European publishers from start-ups to multinational companies, the Pentalog group is fully aware of the challenges it has to deal with and it has thought of a pragmatic synthesis of the challenges and perspectives of software publishing nowadays.Upheavals regarding the web, the best business practices and the response the Pentalog group provides as a software publisher: in the about twenty pages of this document, we will provide well-argued and illustrated answers to the questions you may have on this issue.So, I invite you to download our software development white paper which is available free of charge on our service portal. Once you have logged in, you will find the white paper in the “my documentation” section.See also:

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