As in our opinion classic hosting is outdated, we bring forward a service offer entirely managed within a cloud. Pentalog acts as a true supplier of private cloud services.

In line with your developments, we take charge of the preproduction and the production of your application within an entirely secure private cloud.

Cloud Hosting

Concurrently with specific application hosting, our cloud is also ready to host all the elements of your information system:

  • virtual work stations,
  • applications in SaaS mode (office automation, accounting, ERP, CRM etc.)
  • messaging,
  • IP telephony,
  • document management.

Continuous delivery

Our Continuous Delivery cloud offer is in line with the Pentalog Group offers. This offer goes beyond the scope of our services in the fields of IT development, third party applicative maintenance, information system testing and often also beyond our competitors’ offers. Continuous Delivery means taking charge of the deployment and management of your production platforms within our private cloud

We host your solution in an entirely secured virtual space, guaranteeing your data location. You can manage all the operating parameters: power, storage and bandwidth. Our system engineers are here to provide any assistance you may need for the good management of your cloud and they can offer consulting, installation, maintenance and support services.

Your information system within the Cloud?

What if you gradually abandon all your servers and the related charges in favor of entirely secure, flexible and upgrade management?

In order to migrate your information system to a private cloud, Pentalog offers two alternatives on a pay-per-use basis:

  • You are independent and you wish to manage this transition in-house?

Log in to our management platform and create an account. After several registration steps, you will be entirely independent and you can start the migration of your applications to the Cloud

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.
  • Would you like to entrust us with the migration?

After a first audit and mapping stage of your information system, our system engineers will put forward a transition plan including all the issues related to change management.

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