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CES Las Vegas: When Innovation Meets IoT to Achieve Self-Driven Global Success

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

IoT projects empower automation, self-driven processes and significantly improved operational efficiency in any industry you may think of. The Internet of Things enhances business models and helps create new revenue streams for entrepreneurs. In the healthcare sector, devices are used to monitor health indicators, facilitate patient-doctor communication and even improve surgery precision. In logistics, with IoT-enabled solutions, any product can be easily monitored in real time, at any stage, from fabrication to delivery. IoT technologies are also the first choice in industries such as the CleanTech, FinTech, media, entertainment and many more.

The Internet of Things is also one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide. In 2018, the size of the global IoT industry reached the mark of approximately 1,391 billion US dollars. For 2019, experts suggest a significant growth of up to 1,710.4 billion US dollars. The number of connected devices worldwide is also estimated to quickly reach 20.35 billion.

The Consumer Electronics Show is the event that sets the new IoT trends for 2019 and tech giants worldwide are aleready gearing up for innovation through IoT. From AI-driven robots and self-operated tools, to digital ethics and privacy, the direction is clear: generating business development by combining IoT, AI and automation into “self-driven” digital products.

IoT projects

CES Las Vegas 2019: an event where brilliant ideas get their chance to shine

CES Las Vegas has been the stage for ground-breaking innovations for more than 50 years. Its 2019 edition taking place on January 8-11th will gather 1k speakers and 4.4K+ exhibiting companies that will share their own experience and showcase IoT projects with global impact.

Industry pioneers and global innovators will display solutions meant to improve the quality of life, work and business. From smart homes, self-driving cars and intelligent devices to AI-powered healthcare tools, the event’s agenda covers them all.

Again this year, several US and European Pentalog clients will be exhibitors on the show. We are proud to also be the trusted partner of a startup nominated to the CES Las Vegas Innovation Awards. Our client is a global technology company providing next-generation solutions for the automotive industry. A dedicated Pentalog team is currently working on an IoT project aimed at controlling their out-of-the-box device via BLE technology using a cloud-hosted app.


IT Outsourcing: A step further towards self-driven global success in IoT projects

Needless to say, the main goal of any company working its way towards innovation is to adapt as fast as possible to market changes on a global scale.

Innovative businesses don’t just create a new digital product, they also seek solutions to stay up to date to the latest technical breakthroughs, upgrade their capacities to a new level and give a new meaning to automation.

At Pentalog, a team of 100+ IoT Engineers are closely collaborating with startups, grownups and industry leaders, helping them craft exceptional digital products by leveraging the power of IoT and the speed of IT outsourcing.

Learn more about our IoT service offer

We are committed to building fully-agile IoT projects and supporting our clients throughout their entire project lifecycle, from product design & development, security consulting and 24/7 DevOps, to IT recruitment, freelancing and digital marketing.

By thinking Agile, delivering just enough and just in time as well as optimizing their in-house resources, we help our clients to swiftly achieve their business objectives and drive a healthy growth.

Here is a short list of our IoT projects:

#MedTech – mobile apps to control an arm rehabilitation system

#Fitness – VR and mobile solutions to create an immersive fitness experience#Customer engagement – a solution developed to support an innovative Proof of Presence technology

#Social care – a solution designed to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss through sound recognition technology


Meet me at CES Las Vegas and let’s talk about your IoT project! You will also learn more about how you can boost your business through Agile development, bullet-proof security and growth hacking strategies.

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