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Node.js Events – Learn to Code like a Pro!

Vasile Putina
Vasile Putina
Chief Technology Officer

Node.js events, like the ones Pentalog & SkillValue have organized in Romania & Moldova so far this year, are a living, breathing testament on how to upgrade your back-end coding skills through a live session with a Node.js specialist.

node.js events

Alex, Pentalog’s Software Developer, explores the ins & outs of Node.js during a PentaBAR event in Brasov. Find a Pentalog event near you!

Can I come?

Our Node.js events were free of charge, open to anyone with a passion for IT and delivered as a professionally structured presentation focused on Node.js benefits and snags. Our “Microservices in Node.js and Other Fantastic Tales” event attracted over 150 people from Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, and Chisinau, 5 cities where we held Node.js events.

No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

They were all encouraged. We learn, understand & retain information better when everything is crystal clear. Our Node.js specialist was glad to answer every enquiry coming from participants and even invited them to share their own experiences, which made the events more interactive and fun.

It worked!

Our feedback showed that attendees learned a great deal & appreciated the transparency in the anecdotes of previous failure that ended up being invaluable sources of experience.


“Interesting and useful stuff.” – Radu“Really easy and interesting to listen.” – Alexandr“Excellent presentation.” – Andrei “I learned some very useful things. 5 *” – Alexandru“It helped me, I learned new useful things like heroku’s recommendations.” – Catalin“Great talk.” – Alin“Interesting & welcoming.” – Gabriel


What’s the Deal with Node.js?

The 2018 NodeJS User Study shows that “Node.js is emerging as a universal development framework for digital transformation with a broad diversity of apps”. The research serves as proof that Node.js has garnered massive popularity among developers worldwide. Of the nearly 10 million Node.js users, three in four are planning to increase their use of Node.js within the next 12 months.

“Node users continue to report positive business impact, including improving developer productivity and satisfaction and lowering cost.”

A TechCrunch report in 2017 showcased Node.js as the leader in the enterprise-grade open source category. This means the platform is one of today’s hottest new enterprise technologies. As a result, more corporations – from financial giants to retailers to services firms – are building their businesses around Node.js instead of legacy languages like PHP or Java.

node.js events - pentalogNode.js users span a variety of industries: LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Yahoo, Ebay, Uber, Google, Mol://a, Microsoft, Walmart, Go Pro, Sony, NetFlix, PayPal, IBM etc.

Ready for The Future?

According to the 2018 NodeJS User Study, Node, Rust and Go usage will see a significant rise over the next 12 months, while Net, PHP and Java might see themselves replaced with modern solutions and losing influence over time.

node.js events - pentalog & skillvalue Source: 2018 NodeJS Users Study Detailed Report of Findings / May 2018

Why Should I Code in Node.js?

When using Node.js for back-end development, you benefit from all the pros of full stack JavaScript, such as:

  • Developer productivity
  • Code sharing & Reuse
  • Speed & Performance
  • Free tools
  • Sound community support

In the end, the team will be more flexible, the development will take less time, resulting in solid software.

Wanna Learn Node.js? Start Now!

As Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 engine and as it stands, JavaScript is still one of the world’s archetypal programming languages, it is only logical you have to learn coding Node.js like a pro and fast.

Companies are actively searching for Node.js profiles, so if you’re looking to join the worldwide +500,000 Node.js developer community, you ought to start hitting those books! Find some inspiration here to start learning NodeJS! Or read a book! Or follow a Node.js specialist to guide you through!

Check out our technical article that shows you step by step how to develop microservices in NodeJS!

Discover the complexity of our NodeJS events throughout Romania & Moldova!

Test your Node.js skills!

We’re looking for JavaScript Developers, check out our job listings!

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