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Vasile Putina

Chief Technology Officer

About Vasile Putina

Vasile is a highly skilled and experienced Chief Technology Officer with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. With a software development background, he has an in-depth understanding of various technology stacks and the latest industry trends and best practices. His expertise in technology governance enables him to help businesses establish effective policies and procedures for managing technology-related risks and issues.

As a specialist in fostering collaboration within organizations and leveraging technology to drive innovation and growth, Vasile guides CTOs in identifying and resolving common issues such as lack of communication, workflow, and scalability. He supports developing and implementing strategies to maximize the ROI on various technologies.

In addition to his technical expertise, Vasile has a successful track record of supporting other CTOs through assessments and mentoring. Hands-on experience enables him to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by technology leaders, providing them with insightful guidance so they can achieve their goals and move their organizations forward. His knowledge of talent and learning governance has helped companies implement programs that support continuous learning and development of their technology workforce.

Vasile is the professional you need to lead your technology initiatives to a bright future.