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PentaBAR Online – Tech Events, Reloaded

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

I’m very excited to announce that Pentalog is moving the PentaBAR Tech Events Online!

After battening down the hatches and preparing for the aftermath of Covid-19, we knew we needed to return to the community. Now, we’re eager to relaunch the knowledge sharing meetups through an eLearning program that will have our IT community buzzing.

PentaBAR Online Tech Events

PentaBAR – Our tech events with a twist are moving online

Why PentaBAR Online?

The decision to replicate PentaBAR meetups online is important in helping us:

  • Offer our global IT Community dedicated tech events to keep them engaged.
  • Continue to support our communities while keeping everyone safe.
  • Provide our PentaGuys and PentaGirls with a platform to continue their #NeverStopLearning experience.

We kicked off our response with PentaLive weekly sessions, where we discussed confronting times of crisis from a business perspective – delivered by our experts. Now, we’re ready to extend our digital get-togethers with similar events – geared towards our techies.

What’s new?

Our plan is to have a weekly PentaBAR, with a personal touch. Each one will be representative, in one way or another – of each of our Pentalog delivery centers.
The meetups will be held in Romanian, Vietnamese, Spanish and English – depending on the delivery center. Of course, everyone who is interested can take part and participate where they watch – on Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube.

As a new feature, the PentaBAR will take place during lunch time, as a virtual Lunch&Learn experience that you can join from the comfort of your home.
The schedule of our eLearning shows will be as follows:

  • Quick introduction made by our host before moving on to the “War Room” segment
  • TechTok”, where our featured speaker answers questions presented by our moderator, related to the weekly topic
  • 10-minute Q&A, where viewers can ask questions & provide feedback


1st PentaBAR Online

Our first PentaBAR Online will debut June 10th, at 1:30 PM, with a presentation by Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, Cornel Fătulescu, about Low-Code and its implications for the future of IT projects.

Tech Events PentaBAR Online

Join us on our 1st PentaBAR Online

  1. What is Low-Code?
  2. Why is it growing in popularity?
  3. Who can use Low-Code?
  4. How do you integrate Low-Code into your company?

These are some of the questions Cornel, AgileHub founder and passionate non-formal educator, will answer during a one-hour tech event, followed by a Demo in PowerApp, if time permits.

And, who better to host the first Online PentaBAR than Dan Avram, Customer Success Manager at Pentalog Braşov? The man who started the Pentalog Tech Events movement back in 2016!

Join us on Facebook / LinkedIn / YouTube for a LIVE virtual knowledge sharing experience.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information on our future PentaBARs and various tech topics. The next Tech Events will focus on Amazon Web Services & Front-End & Enterprise Architecture – hosted by Mihai Zânt, Executive Coach & International Trainer.

Our PentaBAR meetups were made to support you, the IT community. Your opinion is important to us.

So, let us know which topics you’d like to see next on PentaBAR Online!

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