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200+ Techies Joined Pentalog & SkillValue’s React Events in RO & MD!

Vasile Putina
Vasile Putina
Chief Technology Officer

One month, two countries, five cities, five Pentalog branches, over 200 participants, and one React specialist who travelled more than 1,000 km to share his Front-end development experience to all of those interested in our dedicated React events.

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Elod, our host for the React events powered by Pentalog & SkillValue, is an experienced JavaScript Developer. Test your ReactJS skills!

What was the Purpose of these React Events?

At least 3 aspects are worth sharing as part of our decision making process:

  1. We’ve noticed a worldwide React rise in job listings and in the developers’ preferences.

  2. We have more and more international projects in Pentalog where React is being asked for as the main Front-end development technology.

  3. Our colleagues have already started discussions about which front-end framework is the best.

We aimed to spread the React knowledge to as many IT enthusiasts as possible by answering these questions:

  • Why use React instead of other JavaScript frameworks?

  • How to build dynamic web applications with ReactJS?


We held React Events in Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, and Chisinau

Attendees at our events learned about React when compared to other JavaScript frameworks from Elod.

His presentation, “Why would you React? Because you should”, contains useful information on how to build dynamic web applications with ReactJS.

Download Pentalog’s ReactJS Ebook to learn more!


About the Speaker

Elod-Zoltan Tobias is a JavaScript Developer in Pentalog Cluj. As a Pentaguy for 6 years, his main responsibilities include the development and maintenance of large international projects in various languages and frameworks from PHP & Symfony to JavaScript (VanillaJS, jQuery, NodeJS, Express, AngularJS and ReactJS).

“I enjoyed this React roadshow, I met nice people and visited great places! In some agencies there were more people who actually worked with React, while in others, most of the participants were only curios to discover more. The type of questions I was asked was different from one place to another, depending of the participants’ level of knowledge. I want to thank my colleagues and everybody who came at our React events. Their feedback is very important to us. I am also very happy that I discovered a lot of passionate people who want more technical events in their cities.”, Elod said.

react events - pentalog

The hum of excitement was palpable in the crowd at Pentalog’s Cluj agency.

Feedback from Participants

Pentalog is happy to be part of the knowledge sharing culture through free tech events opened to everybody! For years now, Pentalog has organized meetups and PentaBAR events where various presentations on development & QA/devops topics have been shared. In addition, we regularly publish tech articles on our blogs to keep our growing community informed.

The feedback we receive is always appreciated! More than “very good” and “interesting”, some participants gave us their honest thoughts on the roadshow:

Alexandru, Iasi: “Nice presentation. Good comparison between React vs Angular vs Vue. Also pros and cons for React. Overall, this was a success!

Andrei, Iasi: “I have appreciated the quality and the variety of the information about React, and the answers to my questions.

Mircea, Bucharest: “Elod had a great performance considering the fact that React is hard to summarize in a short session. As a person who already knew the basics of React, I did get a lot of useful knowledge from this session mostly on the other React platforms (native, hardware, cli). I understand that the presentation was only an introduction to React and going deeper was not in plan and that’s why I consider this a great talk. The audience interacted, conclusions were commonly agreed by all and I hope more talks like this will come.

Ion, Chisinau: “Elod’s experience is obvious; he must have had many challenges in his projects until now. Overall, I enjoyed the presentation and I hope there will be other tech events soon.

Gabriel, Cluj: “Elod is quite popular inside Cluj’s JavaScript communities, as he has more than 14 years of experience as front-end developer. His presentation offered very useful information for any JS developer who wants to understand when and why one should consider using React. I also enjoyed the networking after the event when people exchanged opinions over a cold beer, on the roof top of the agency.

Elena, SkillValue recruiter: “I am really happy that my colleague dedicated a little bit of his time to share his knowledge and invest in the ReactJS community. In Bucharest, for example, we managed to gather at our React event more than 30 IT enthusiasts. Participants appreciated the fact that the speech was adapted to the public and the technical quality of the presentation was high. Juniors were able to learn more about React, while the experienced developers appreciated the discussion about best practices or different challenges a developer can face when coding in ReactJS.

If you enjoyed our React events, please let us know through your comments. You can also drop us a line if you are interested in attending other tech events and suggest a topic.

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