Pentalog develops a new social network platform for BONOBUZZ

Client location Paris, France

Business area Social media

Product Software

Delivery center Brasov, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

Kwanko, a European leader in digital marketing with a solid reputation and extensive background in Performance Advertising, Internet Marketing and Revenue, has launched a new start-up called BONOBUZZ. This start-up focuses on delivering a new mobile platform for an interactive social network.

BONOBUZZ’s project consists of a social network mobile app (also called BONOBUZZ) for iOS and Android and a platform for publishing interactive content in SaaS mode that is all powered by a partner specialized in interactive content, social networks and digital marketing.

BONOBUZZ is an interactive social networking app that allows users to create surveys via a photo battle system. The users must choose between two or more proposed images until they reach the end of the battle and see the results page. This app has multiple uses, for example, users can seek for advice from friends or the Bonobuzz community on any topic, share images in a unique manner, create original content for fun, etc. The app is intended to be useful, practical and fun.

The app is mostly dedicated to B2C users, but it is also a useful application for media, brands, celebrities (you-tubers, bloggers, etc.) as it allows them to promote themselves or their products on a new platform. The data collected from the app will allow them to refine their marketing strategies.

React Native

The challenge

In the ever-changing digital era, start-ups are continually faced with new challenges. When you have a limited budget and epic goals, it is important to have the right team to help you overcome these obstacles. However, finding the right team for the job is time consuming and delays can jeopardize the future of your start-up. BONOBUZZ is an example of an ambitious start up that wanted to find a quality team quickly. To do so they called upon Pentalog, the one stop shop for IT services.

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The solution

This app was already launched before Pentalog got involved. BONOBUZZ had also launched a web version of their app with a series of features available only via paid subscription and our role was to focus on adding features and support for B2B customers.

In addition to this we were also asked to develop new features for the mobile application while developing and maintaining the backend of the application as well as the administration platform.

The results

BONOBUZZ especially appreciated our capacity to provide expert profiles in diverse fields (front and backend web development, cross-platform mobile development, Product Owners, etc.) in a short amount of time. They were especially impressed by how large of scope Pentalog’s small 3-person team was able to cover, they oversaw the development, testing, and maintenance for 4 applications.

The client also appreciated the ability of the Pentalog team to work with the code developed by previous development teams. Several pain points were rapidly identified and addressed, ensuring the long term stability of the platforms.

Our experience in Scrum Methodology also perfectly fit BONOBUZZ’s expectations. Scrum methodology kept Pentalog’s development team proactive. They were always actively involved in building the project. Our team continually presented ideas for new features and for improving the UX and they also made suggestions for increasing user engagement and app popularity.

After working with Pentalog, BONOBUZZ saw that we did not just select a group of talented people to get some coding work done on a project, but in fact we formed a team that shared their vision and goals.

Daniel Radu
Customer Success Manager

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