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Tracking the Geography of Talent, Pentalog Opens a New Delivery Office in Craiova

Dan Avram
Dan Avram
Head of Capacity and Talent Marketing Operations

Before wrapping up a challenging year, we celebrated with our community the launch of a new delivery hub in Craiova. This is the sixth Pentalog office in Romania (the 10th worldwide), where we will continue to grow a team of dedicated IT specialists working for top unicorn clients.


Our team in Craiova is growing fast, and we have many attractive job opportunities for those who would like to join us.


Pentalog Craiova – The Start of a Rewarding Adventure

Craiova, the largest city in southwestern Romania, is known for its vibrant urban development, its industry, and its university. The Faculty of Automatics, Computer Science, and Electronics provides many talents to the market in an IT community of over 3,000 members.

With the skilled talent pool available here, we made our first steps in onboarding employees from Craiova in 2021, and soon after, a small community was formed around the people who joined our company. Now, we have more than 20 software engineers, testers, and Product Owners who enjoy the flexibility of working from home or the office. Freedom of choice has made our remote teams happier and more productive.

team Craiova

Our colleagues enjoying Pentalog cookies at the launch event of a new delivery center in Craiova.

At the same time, occasionally meeting helps to create that sense of community that we all need in a work environment. That is why we have looked for a space where developers in Craiova – and all Pentalog employees, for that matter – can come to work and socialize. It’s a central location: Craiova HUB, on Aries Street, close to the historic center and many chic restaurants.


Our Promise: Collaboration and Flexibility

Since the pandemic, we have adopted a remote-first approach to work, and recruited talent regardless of their postal code. In time, we created a strong team committed to Pentalog’s mission of ensuring Positive Tech Impact through our projects.

Without any special recruiting effort, we saw an increase in job applications coming from people living in major Romanian cities where we did not have a physical presence, especially from Timisoara and Craiova.

How did that happen? Maybe it was the unique mix that attracted people to join a company offering freedom of choice, projects that matter, and professional development opportunities. Maybe it also helped knowing that Pentalog provided employees with a safe environment, adapting to changes during insecure and difficult times.

One of our objectives in 2022 was to expand our presence throughout Romania, to enhance our ability to find, integrate, and retain talent. We didn’t expect such positive vibes from these two communities, and we’re grateful that Pentalog has been chosen by so many talented IT specialists.

Monica Jiman

Monica Jiman, CCSO Pentalog Europe&Asia, and Eric Gouin, Pentalog’s COO, talked about the mission and the vision of our company at the inauguration of our new delivery center in Craiova.

Therefore, creating dedicated hubs for our growing teams was the next logical step. In November, we opened Pentalog’s hub in Timisoara. Then in December, we arrived in Craiova to spread the news that Pentalog is in town.

In his speech, Eric Gouin, Chief Operating Officer – also known as “Chief Optimist Officer” – said that although he is French, he has also been Romanian since 1999, when Pentalog launched an office in Brasov. Since then, he has spent more than 15 years in Romania, helping to launch the delivery centers in Bucharest in 2004, Iasi in 2007, and Cluj in 2011.

Besides Romania, Pentalog has production centers in Chisinau (launched in 2005), Hanoi (2009), Lyon (2013), and Guadalajara (2018).


Our First Present for the IT Community in Craiova

Launching a new Pentalog office in Craiova on 7 December (Pentalog’s “generosity” month), pushed us to prepare something special for our guests. And what better present than a tech talk with a seasoned speaker?

Bogdan Bledea, Front-end developer at Pentalog Cluj, hosted a PentaBAR session about Svelte, where he talked about how to use this modern framework to build web applications easily. If you didn’t have the chance to see the presentation live, you can watch the replay.

Bogdan Bledea

Bogdan Bledea, Front-end Developer at Pentalog, has a passion for Svelte, a compiler that generates minimal and highly optimized JavaScript code for making interactive web apps.

The conference room at the Ramada Plaza became too small for the number of people who joined our offline event. The feedback we received confirms that the community is hungry for more knowledge-sharing offline gatherings.

But this is only the beginning. In the future, we plan to make as many trips as possible to Craiova, together with our clients, to meet the wonderful community more often and support the professional development of its members.

Meanwhile, if you’re also dreaming about greater flexibility in your work, Emilian Bordea, Customer Success Manager of Pentalog Bucharest and Craiova, can walk you through our available jobs and give you all the details of how we could collaborate.

Craiova team

Colleagues from Brasov, Cluj, Bucharest, Craiova, and Orléans: on a mission to make a better world.

Here is what our colleagues in Craiova appreciate about Pentalog:

“At Pentalog, I found a high level of professionalism, as well as respect for time and personal life. I have the chance to work on a project that perfectly suits my working style, and interact with many friendly colleagues. I’m glad to be part of the Pentalog team, and I hope many more beautiful people will join us.” – Olivia, Tester

“I joined Pentalog almost a year ago and I can say that a lot of positive changes have happened since. I have grown as a professional and gained in work-life balance. Here, I enjoy a friendly environment, working with dedicated people, while having great collaboration with the client. I’m proud to be part of the Pentalog community and I hope that our team in Craiova will grow with many great professionals. Now that we also have an office where we can get together if we want to, I am looking forward to meeting all my colleagues in person – and having some fun.” – Dragos, Tester

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