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Fully Remote IT Jobs: Pentalog’s Promise for the Post-pandemic Workplace

Georgiana Asanache
Georgiana Asanache
Recruitment Manager

With the changes to the way we live and work, priority number one is to reshape the workplace to better fit employees’ needs of safety and well-being. Pentalog’s approach to this priority is to offer fully remote IT jobs within a permanent, remote-first work culture – pandemic or not.

More than 300 fully remote IT jobs across Pentalog’s delivery centers in Romania, Moldova, Vietnam, and Mexico are waiting for professionals looking for remote work online.

Having more flexibility on the job makes employees happier because they can choose to work how they like: remote, hybrid, or on-site. In this picture is Daiana, our colleague working from the comfort of her home.

For many people, one of the few good things about this pandemic has been the chance to work from home. Research shows that employees prefer hybrid and remote work models instead of going into the office five days a week. More data shows that 99% of people would choose to work remotely for the rest of their life, even for part-time jobs.

We’re in the Middle of a Generational Shift

The concept of work continues to change as new COVID variants rapidly spread, making the pandemic’s future difficult to model. At the same time, we have seen that people look for fully remote IT jobs that fit around their personal lives rather than the other way around.

Today, remote jobs are the norm. Companies have implemented flexible work arrangements to retain and attract top talent, and employees in many key industries enjoy the opportunity to choose what suits them best: remote, hybrid, or on-site.

With this as background, what does work look like in 2022? Below, you’ll find Pentalog’s selection of the most important work trends, and our solutions for tackling the challenges associated with those workplace transformations.

  1. Work is now perceived as an activity we can perform from anywhere, not a place we have to be.

Flexibility around how, where, and when people work is no longer a differentiator. Now, that’s just table stakes. Most employees expect flexibility and empowerment within their jobs, with purpose and growth. People want the freedom to organize their days around home responsibilities, chores, hobbies, and – not least – their biorhythms.

The message they are sending is that they can produce value for companies on their own terms by ditching regular work hours and focusing on outcomes. If they don’t get to have more flexible arrangements, people are willing to quit and look for jobs that better align with their desire for freedom.

This is a time of empowerment for workers. But that doesn’t mean that companies are powerless. The opportunity to access top talent from all over the world puts many businesses at an advantage. Yes, the competition is fierce, but there’s no better time for organizations to rethink their value proposition and commit to transformative action.

Pentalog is a remote-first company since 2020. Our teams are worldwide distributed, but people who are in the same city get together occasionally, networking and creating a sense of community. In these pictures, you can see our colleagues in Timisoara and Craiova, Romania.

What Pentalog did:

  • Employees have the freedom to work in the way that is best for them, whether that involves coming into the office, working from home or some combination. All we ask of them is internet access, a telephone connection, and respect for current laws and regulations.
  • Because people want to be in charge of their lives, we give our colleagues more opportunities to make their own decisions: to switch to other projects and work on new technologies. Pentalog’s rotation plan takes account of every individual request by offering a new and more challenging perspective around a new project, team, or client.
  • With a new mission statement – “Positive Tech Impact” – we want to meet the expectations of the new generation of IT talent and rethink the notion of human beings at work. Therefore, we will continue to deliver business-oriented digital products keeping our values in mind.
  • Our employees can enjoy a more flexible schedule, and they can be located anywhere in the world, not just in the cities where Pentalog has delivery centers or virtual agencies.
  1. There’s a greater focus on the human approach, employee wellbeing programs, and enhanced benefits.

“Burnout”, “Zoom fatigue”, “The Great Resignation” – these are more than just buzzwords. Workers around the world have to manage feelings of isolation, demotivation, distraction, missing out on the office spirit, career stagnancy, and many more.

If organizations don’t take the time to adopt more people-centric operating models, productivity can go down. Therefore, leaders should reach out to employees to cultivate relationships by offering more communication and greater understanding.

We also see a higher need for mental health and wellbeing resources in the workplace, and better healthcare benefits to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic, specifically, increased stress and anxiety.

Pentalog’s personalized employee wellbeing programs strengthen the bonds of social cohesion within teams, increasing performance, and boosting engagement.

Among the top priorities for most workers are compensation, with job security and flexibility close behind. Companies that are aiming to get the best people on the job market should therefore review their compensation policy by including better salaries, rewards, or performance bonuses. To become an employer of choice, organizations need to build a fair and attractive compensation system for the remote workforce.

What Pentalog did:

  • Pentalog’s wellbeing platform: “Equilibrium – moving in the right direction” – supports our colleagues with advice on health and how to maintain a good work-life balance. With this in mind, we organize training sessions with sports coaches, doctors, and nutritionists to build resilience and good mental health.
  • They say sitting is the new smoking. To combat the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, we developed the PentaSport concept. Regularly, we initiate sports activities and encourage people to take breaks and move their bodies. This way, we reinforce the sense of belonging, create a collective interest, and enhance communication and team spirit.
  • Pentalog employees receive additional paid time off based on their job history with us, as well as two free paid days per year for blood donation. Time is precious, so we encourage our people to spend it with their loved ones, pursuing hobbies or traveling.
  1. Organizations cultivate a growth mindset.

When employees are motivated, supported, and valued, both the company and the individual benefit. Employee investment, particularly in training and development, is key to strengthening and growing a business. To prevent attrition and fill niche roles, organizations are focusing more on internal mobility, reskilling and upskilling current employees.

In our industry, continuous learning is crucial. Effective training and development can easily be achieved through online learning, which is not only convenient for a flexible workforce but also highly cost-effective. Such investment will help employees evolve, meet daily challenges, and strengthen the team for upcoming challenges.

What Pentalog did:

  • Our culture is about growth. To stay on top of learning, we’ve invested in valuable tools for our employees’ training and self-learning processes. Pentalog Academy offers more than 330 micro-courses for our employees’ growth, through reskill or upskill. We also provide access to popular e-learning platforms such as Mindtools, O’Reilly, Pluralsight, or Udemy. For those interested in learning English, French, or German, our free language classes come in handy.
  • Pentalog employees have unlimited access to our tech events series: PentaBAR is a platform for knowledge-sharing within a friendly environment. Coders get to explore a wide variety of technical topics, including back-end, front-end, AI, VR, Java, Agile, GDPR, security, etc.

Some Conclusions

As the pandemic continues, we’re living through accelerated workplace transformations. So far, we’ve learned that free-form scheduling and increased flexibility are essential for most skilled workers. Therefore, we have to find ways in which performance and output prevail while giving people much greater flexibility to create a lifestyle that works for them.

At Pentalog, we’re sticking to a fully remote work model for the foreseeable future and continue to recruit top talent worldwide by offering fully remote IT jobs.

If you like our approach and you dream about working from home permanently, get in touch with one of our HR consultants who can walk you through our available jobs and give you all the details of how we could collaborate.


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