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Pentalog reports 11% growth increase in Q3

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The Pentalog Group announces 11% growth increase in Q3, driven by resumption of activities in Germany and good performance in France.

Third Quarter 2013 key results:

  • 11% for web and IS activities
  • 25% and 2 new clients for Pentalog Germany
  • 30 to 100% growth rate for the companies supported by Pentalabbs
  • 20 new clients since the beginning of the year
  • 1 client in the telecommunications sector

In France, the good performance in web and IS activities accounts for an organic growth of more than 11% in the third quarter. This growth has been patiently built by a high number of small projects.

Most of these projects contracts have been signed with startups or well-financed growth companies. A business dynamic supported by the existing clients that continue to entrust Pentalog with more and more projects. One of the leaders on the European web market has recently crossed the threshold of 40 Pentalog engineers for its team.

And good performance does not stop here! The Pentalog Group is proud to announce the signing of the first contract in the telecommunications sector with a high technology company financed by one of the most powerful European funds.

After a small decrease in the first 2 semesters, Pentalog Germany registers this quarter a strong growth recovery of 25% and contracts with 2 new clients. The number of operations with the German automotive manufacturers has risen considerably due to the creation of a new team for the No. 2 on the German market (after having started the collaboration with No. 3 in 2012).

Overall, the Group has signed contracts with 20 new clients since the beginning of the year, which is the greatest number of new collaborations ever established in 8 months.

Taken independently, Pentalog Ausy (Embedded Systems, JV with Ausy Group) remains relatively stable this quarter. The outlook remains uncertain in a less favorable telecommunications industry environment.

The companies financially supported by the Pentalabbs Department (start-up acceleration and financing) are well positioned, reporting a growth rate between 30 and 100%. New operations are on the way. The group intends to deliver between 1 and 3 projects before the end of the year.

Globally, Pentalog’s outlook for its fourth quarter is promising, as the company expects to sign contracts with new clients, enlarge the existing teams and generate a new increase in its growth rate.

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