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IT talent shortage: Pentalog strengthens its arsenal with freelancing

Alexandre Vallin
Alexandre Vallin
General Manager Pentalog Freelances

SkillValue’s flagship service of freelancing is now offered on the Pentalog platform.

To help overcome the shortage of IT talent, the platform hosts the full range of staffing offers under one roof: IT outsourcing, recruitment, and freelancing.

IT resources

SkillValue: Primarily a recruitment and internal assessment tool

In its beginnings, SkillValue was a skills assessment and recruitment tool created by and for Pentalog. The company needed and needs to recruit the best developers and digital specialists quickly and well, around the world, through automated tests.

But very quickly, Pentalog saw that the recruitment of IT talent is only going to become more complex.

More and more new technologies are disrupting the market. Maintaining this rhythm requires curiosity, rigor, and involvement.

So as not to suffer from the shortage of IT talents, Pentalog decided to build its own talent pool of digital specialists and developers.

Many of them have chosen to work as freelancers – a way of working that meets their desire for challenges and professional enrichment, and which is increasingly popular with the best.

Freelancing IT: The preferred mode of collaboration for successful companies

After an initial stage during which Pentalog tested this idea internally, the company chose to take it to the next level by making the SkillValue freelancing solution available to other companies.

Because those companies need to move fast, the platform systematizes:

  • Evaluation of the technical and relational skills of the selected freelancers (through IT tests and individual interviews)
  • Support by a SkillValue Talent Acquisition Specialist (pre-selection of candidates, contractual and administrative support, payment)

These assets allow SkillValue to stand out from the crowd, and bring added value to the IT sector immediately.

As proof, the community of freelancers is growing very quickly, and in 2021, will surpass the 40,000 registered mark, with growth of +40% in 2020. Prestigious clients are choosing SkillValue for their tech freelance needs (Neobrain, Agicap and Decathlon, among others).

Migrating from freelancing to Pentalog: a necessary choice in the face of market tensions

With the health crisis, the IT talent shortage is reaching a new peak. More than ever, companies that are adapting to events must surround themselves with the best. Outsourcing, recruitement, freelancing: the form of the contract does not matter as long as they can work with the best.

Grouping all the staffing offers on a single platform then becomes a logical choice, allowing customers to switch easily from one solution to another – without hindrance, without delays.

In addition, this integration benefits from the power of Pentalog’s database and its human and technical resources. Here, the platform has obtained ISO 2700 certification, which recognizes that Pentalog carries out assessments of technical and relational skills at a “high level of performance”.

To discover the profiles of the best IT freelancers, just create your account:


To regulate the market and prices, Pentalog launches SkillValue Insight

This service migration from one platform to another is accompanied by the release of a new product that combines the best of both platforms: SkillValue Insight.

This algorithm is based first on data acquired by Pentalog during its 26+ years of experience in development, and second, by SkillValue, which numbers more than one million IT tests taken on its platform.

SkillValue Insight objectively assesses the technical and interpersonal skills of developers and identifies the top 5%.

It is used automatically as soon as a company entrusts us with its digital project. Whether a company wants to create a full Agile team, or just add developers to its workforce, each profile is evaluated according to the criteria established by SkillValue Insight.

Since implementing SkillValue Insight, Pentalog has been recruiting 100 new developers every month.

This is a rhythm that the company intends to maintain, in order to strengthen its international presence.

Already present in Germany, the United Kingdom, USA, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Mexico, it aims to cover even more countries to be closer to its customers and continue to grow the ranks of its community of IT and digital specialists.

SkillValue focuses on assessing tech skills

For its part, SkillValue is stepping up its efforts to create quizzes and IT questions to assess candidates’ technical skills.

At this time, more than 15,000 questions and 700 quizzes are available, covering nearly 300 technical skills. Each month, the platform is enriched with new quizzes to reflect technological developments.

This migration bears witness to the accuracy of our choices and the success of our teams, which will support demand by expanding to accommodate 60 new consultants dedicated to freelancing, up from the 30 or so currently involved.

Do you want to work with the best IT freelancers on the market? Create your account to discover their profiles:

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