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Pentalog simplifies the process of hiring the best tech freelancers on the market, with industry-leading vetting to match you with top profiles in as little as 48 hours.

Our database includes 40,000 active freelancers covering nearly all popular programming languages with demonstrated technical know-how and problem-solving skills.

Whether you need an app specialist or front-end coder, or something more specific, our SkillValue Insight talent assessments ensure the best fit.

The Benefits of Working with Tech Freelancers

Fast Hiring

Hire top technical profiles in as little as 48 hours.

Smarter Vetting

SkillValue Insight means you work with the Top 5%.

Access to Skills

Our talent pool covers most popular technologies.

True Flexibility

Work with our consultants for as long as you need.

100% Simple, Risk-Free Hiring Process

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    Get personalized support to identify the skills you need.

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    Review Top 5% freelancer profiles, usually within 48 hours.

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    Get to work and we’ll handle the boring admin stuff.

  4. Replace

    Free replacement of profiles at any time if you are unsatisfied.

Why hire Pentalog tech freelancers?

  • With competition for tech talent hotter than ever, more tech leaders are choosing to hire freelancers for a wide range of tasks, adding missing capacity in a wide range of areas and freeing-up in-house teams.
  • Pentalog tech freelancers bring much-needed expertise for popular projects such as web, mobile and software development, as well as for highly specialized requests such as cloud, architecture, and security.
  • With software demands changing all the time, our network of Top 5% freelancers gives companies the chance to manage the relentless pace of technical change by accessing a growing pool of on-demand expertise.

How do we hire top-level talent? By working smarter.

With SkillValue Insight, Pentalog’s proprietary talent management system, we onboard top-level digital experts faster than ever.

SkillValue Insight takes a 360-degree view, assessing candidates for technical expertise, seniority, English proficiency, and leadership.
Our proprietary assessments identify “the best of the best” talent covering most popular software frameworks and methodologies.
Better talent management means the best profiles are matched to clients more precisely, always based on each project’s unique needs.