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Custom Software development outsourcing

Built on 20 fruitful years of experience, the Pentalog Group is a customer-oriented IT services company providing IT outsourcing and consultancy services to about 200 clients from all over the world. Our 700 English-speaking dedicated collaborators located in France, Canada, U.S, Germany, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam  focus on leveraging the business of both SMBs and multinationals, as well as start-up companies.
Our IT company has a sales figure of €25,5M in 2013. We offer cutting-edge support in terms of software development, cloud computing, infrastructure management,embedded systems and mobility solutions in a dozen of vertical business areas (banking, e-commerce, M2M, Energy, etc.). The Pentalog group also provides IT recruitment services, as well as innovation support via its business incubator Pentalabbs




Discover our comparative chart of eCommerce solutions as part of a computer graphics presenting the main CMS OpenSource demos. Depending on your budget, your affinities with a certain technology or a popular platform with a good support, this computer graphics helps you get a first idea about your future platform.

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Ergonomy is often neglected although it is essential in retaining new users, thus ensuring the success of your applications. In eCommerce, it is actually the key to increasing your conversion rate. Pentalog Institute's ergonomics experts advise you how to optimize your intranet applications, websites etc.

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