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Solution Design

Iterative missions providing the optimal architecture recommendation to address specific business or technical goals.

Enhance your technical strategy with time-boxed, cost-optimized iterative missions 

"Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution." This saying is particularly true of IT projects. In the absence of Solution Design, multiple parties can easily make irreversible, low-cost decisions (type 1 decisions). Over time, budget and timings can be knocked off course.  

Our Solution Architects help assess the potential value of new technologies and their impact on your solution roadmap, identifying opportunities to increase speed-to-market and enhance features. Holistic, agile, results-driven decision-making made easy.  

Solution Design

  1. High-level Architecture Diagram

    The value of an easy-to-use, high-level diagram cannot be underestimated. Our Solution Architects will map out the relationships and constraints between every component of your IT infrastructure, providing a single, clear visual of your entire IT ecosystem that delivers transparency, clarity and optimized productivity. 

  2. Technology Recommendations

    Every project is unique. That’s why, our starting point is always to listen. We work closely with your team to understand all the elements of your challenge - team composition, project goals, current infrastructure, software architecture, data or security strategy. This approach enables us to recommend technologies that are perfectly aligned to your needs. 

  3. Implementation Plan

    In addition to the architecture design recommendations, we provide a high-level implementation plan for the proposed solution. Depending on your specific needs and goals, the plan will map out elements such as: 

    • Engineering team composition 
    • Major milestones and acquisition plan 
    • Overall effort estimations 
    • Skills acquisition plan
  4. Plugging in the Right Expertise

    With Solution Design, we go beyond what you might usually expect from a solution architecture provider. We take the time to analyze your existing team capabilities and gain a genuine, in-depth understanding of your project. Once we have identified where extra support is needed, we can bring in additional specialties to reinforce or complete your in-house capacity. For example, if you need programmers in a niche language or DevOps experts to help move your project forward, we'll quickly identify and plug the gap. 

  5. Agile, Mission-ready Options

    To provide clients the flexibility required of complex IT projects, Solution Design from Pentalog enables you to select additional service components on an as-needed basis. You benefit from a service that is perfectly tailored to your evolving business and technology needs. Our optional, flexible service range includes:

    • Application architecture
    • Infrastructure architecture 
    • Data strategy 
    • Security strategy
    • Migration strategy
    • Technology benchmarking
    • Proof of Concept creation
    • Cost estimation
    • Skills acquisition plan 
    • And more. 
  6. Cost Estimations

    When the recommended solution requires additional infrastructure-related services or paid licenses, our consultants will provide a high-level estimate of the monthly (or other) recurring costs.