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Talent Capacity Service

Accelerate your backlog delivery by adding AI pre-validated engineering talent to your team in a fast-tracked framework.

Augment capacity and improve cost efficiency to meet production goals 

When you need skilled tech talent fast, Pentalog’s Talent Capacity Service provides a safe, more efficient solution: pre-screened engineer profiles ready to join your team to accelerate backlog delivery or meet other production goals.

While our recruitment specialists suggest the most suitable candidates based on your specific criteria and needs, you remain firmly in control of the profile selection, software development process, and organization of your team. 

The candidate screening process is enhanced by incorporating an AI assessment validation assistant trained on the comprehensive Pentalog technical assessment knowledge base. This helps reduce time and costs spent on hiring, while still allowing you to enroll the best engineers for your backlog delivery.

Talent Capacity Service

  1. Guaranteed profile sourcing

    Our AI Assistant is trained on Pentalog’s comprehensive technical assessments knowledge base. Selected candidates have the competencies, knowledge and ability ready for you to assess. Regular sourcing follow-ups with your Staffing Lead ensures the service is always meeting your requirements.

  2. Contract management

    All profiles we propose are under a Pentalog contract, so any time-consuming administration processes are taken care of by us. Once you have assessed the selected candidates, you simply share your feedback and decision of which candidates you would like to work with.

  3. Flexible capacity planning

    Every user of Pentalog’s Talent Capacity Service has sourcing support in place throughout their entire collaboration. We will assign a Recruitment Lead to your account who will work closely with you to define the structure of your strategy and put your staffing plan together. The Recruitment Lead will also follow up on the plan’s implementation to help anticipate and optimize the process by giving you the flexibility to adjust the team size to meet different goals.

  4. Compliant and secured workstations

    Pentalog’s Talent Capacity Service provides a secure, work-ready solution. Every profile is provided with their own Pentalog workstation that has all standard tools installed and security policies applied. Giving you complete reassurance that they can undertake the job properly, securely and efficiently.